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Who are the people we are looking for?

Companies and individuals with high ambitions seek continuous expansion and development to bring their projects to the top.
Institutions, companies and individuals with a passion for real estate shopping and property management.
Having experience in the Turkish real estate market in terms of laws, taxes, and regulations, they have communication networks with clients who want to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Why Golden Investment Group in Türkiye?

Contemporary thought:

Away from the traditional tools in real estate marketing, the Golden Group possesses contemporary thinking and techniques through which it seeks to develop the concepts of the real estate sector in Turkey.

Accumulated experiences:

The Golden Group was not born through luck or coincidence, but rather through individuals and investor companies with pioneering thought and approaches and accumulated experience in dealing with clients and investors.

The world of business development:

Leadership and business development is the approach of the Golden Group through continuous training and courses for its renewable cadres and distinguished real estate consultants with many years of experience and knowledge.

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