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Reception and real estate tours in the Golden Group

The reception service from Turkish airports stands out among the distinguished services that the Golden Group provides to its customers. After agreeing with the customer service employee to come to Turkey and specifying the day of the flight, the customer sends a copy of the flight ticket showing the day and hour of his arrival to Turkey.

On the day the customer arrives in Turkey, the Golden Group Company sends one of its cars designated to receive customers arriving from abroad to the airport through which they arrive, such as Istanbul International Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, or others.

The Golden Group team receives the investor upon his arrival in Turkey with a smile and a warm welcome, then takes him via the company’s comfortable and well-equipped car to the hotel in which a room has been reserved for the client in advance by agreement with him.

After arriving at the hotel and the client resting for a few hours or the second day, the main task of the Golden Group team begins by taking him on a real estate tour of the projects that he expressed his admiration for through pictures, video clips, price brochures, and other details.

During the real estate tour, the real estate expert at the Golden Group explains the details of the project, from the geometric model (maquette) to the model apartment, moving through it, viewing the designs, construction quality, space, style, view, room distribution, and other details.

The Golden Group’s real estate tour also includes a car tour around the project area to identify the nearest service centers such as hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and others.

After informing the client of all the details, obtaining clear and frank answers to all his inquiries, and choosing the most appropriate property for him, whether it is a residential property (apartment, villa) or commercial property (office, shop), a contract for the sale of Turkish real estate is concluded.

The sales contract in Turkey is usually organized in two copies, the first for the construction company represented by the sales office as a first party and the second for the purchasing customer as a second party. The contract is written in Turkish and English with the possibility of translating it into a third language requested by the customer (Arabic, for example) or requesting a translator to translate it.

The sales employee at the Golden Group explains the terms of the purchase contract to the customer individually and informs him of the duties that the purchase contract imposes on him towards the construction company and also his rights over it, especially adherence to delivery dates and others.

The contract consists of several clauses that address the names of the contract parties and their personal data, in addition to the property details, including area, style, height, floor number, number of rooms, electrical appliances that will be delivered with the apartment, delivery date (if the property is under construction), and other details.

The contract also addresses the method of paying the value of the property agreed upon between the construction company and the client (in cash or instalments), along with the value of the first payment, the value of one installment, the number of months of installments, and the day of payment of the installment.

Before signing the contract, what is known as the “Real Estate Evaluation Report” is requested, which is an official Turkish document requested from the (Tapu Web) website, either through a company licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change or a technical committee emanating from the Tabu Directorate, after which a specialized team is sent to study The technical aspect of the property, its location and characteristics, in order to issue its own report, which determines the real value of the property.

This government step comes to protect the foreign investor in Turkey from falling victim to real estate fraud and to reveal the true value of the property according to the price of one square meter of construction and not the price requested by the seller according to his whims.

After the issuance of the report, which takes between a week and a month, it is sent by Turkish mail. Then the client goes again, accompanied by the sales official at the Golden Group Real Estate Consulting Company, to the sales office to sign the contracts and for each party to obtain a copy.

The copy of the Turkish real estate purchase contract must be authenticated by a notary public (Turkish notary) in order for it to obtain legal status and be recognized by the Turkish official authorities, especially by the Turkish judiciary, in the event that the other party violates one of the terms of the contract.

Everything you need to know about obtaining Turkish citizenship for purchasing a property.

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