Turkish Citizenship

The concept of Turkish citizenship by investment

The "Turkish Citizenship in exchange for Investment" program gives Arab and foreign investors the opportunity to access European and Asian markets by investing in the Turkish economy.

Investment value

The minimum investment for obtaining Turkish citizenship is 400,000 US dollars.

Transaction duration

The period of obtaining Turkish citizenship takes approximately 120 days from the date of obtaining Turkish citizenship Submission of the application .

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    Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship:

    Turkish citizenship

    Property Ownership:

    Purchase property worth over $400,000, with a commitment not to sell for 3 years.

    Turkish citizenship

    Investment in Turkey:

    Attain Turkish citizenship through an investment in Turkey with a capital of at least $500,000.

    Turkish citizenship

    Bank Deposit:

    Deposit at least $500,000 in a Turkish bank for a minimum of 3 years.

    Executive Steps to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

    Step one

    Choosing right property

    the value of the property is transferred from the buyer's bank account to the account of the Turkish construction company.

    Step two

    Value Of The Property

    the value of the property is transferred from the buyer's bank account to the account of the Turkish construction company.

    Step three

    Bank procedure

    the full purchasing value must be recorded on the title deed and the amount must have been transferred by bank transfer to the seller.

    Step four

    not to sell within 3 years

    Before issuing the title deed, a request must be made to set the condition of not selling the property for a period of no less than 3 years.

    Step five

    Certificate Of Conformity

    This document is called “Uygunluk Belgisi” which means that you have fulfilled the conditions of the Land Registry Department in full.

    Turkish passport

    The Turkish passport is ranked 37th in the world according to some indicators and classifications in terms of freedom of travel, according to the statistics of the Visa Guide for the year 2023. The Turkish passport provides an average general score for travel and transportation, with a wide range of advantages, including:

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      Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:


      Title Deed (property ownership document) for the purchased property


      Valid property appraisal report (validity of the report: 3 months)


      Original payment receipts from the buyer's account, stamped by the sending bank


      Original payment receipts from the seller's account, stamped by the receiving bank


      Two copies of the power of attorney for citizenship application


      Translation of passports into Turkish, notarized in Turkey, for all family members: spouse, children under 18.

      Services of the Golden Group Regarding Turkish Citizenship:


      Translation and authentication of required documents from your home country

      title deed

      Handling all purchase procedures and obtaining the title deed

      Legal agency

      Preparation of a legal agency for document processing

      Property assessment

      Property assessment by a state-approved assessment institution

      residence permit

      Issuance of a residence permit from the citizenship office

      Turkish citizenship

      Receipt of your Turkish citizenship decision for you and your family

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      What Client Says About Us

      A thousand thanks and gratitude to Mr. Fawzi Shehadeh. Thanks to you, we obtained our residency thanks to your continuous guidance to us and your efforts that you made in preparing all the necessary papers for the file without missing anything, even if it was really small. In all sincerity and honesty, you were always helpful to us, and any time we contacted Mr. Fawzi, he would respond. He has always been willing and ready to help us. We wish him success and lasting success. Thank you for your credibility
      Out of my pride in the Golden Group and my respect for all those with whom I dealt, due to the high level of dealing, efficiency, and integrity… I dealt with employees in Istanbul, such as Mr. Omar Jalalati, who was the main influence in my initial dealings with the Golden Group and the purchase of an apartment in the Beylikduzu area, due to his honesty and integrity with me. As for my second experience in purchasing in Bahçeşehir, it was through a professional work team with the utmost integrity, sophistication, high morals, and ability to persuade to invest in projects under construction and build very convenient payment plans. Therefore, I sincerely thank the Golden Investment Group for its honesty and honesty. Thank you and may you always be a source of pride for us.
      A. Al Hamid
      Saudi Arabia
      Hello We thank the Golden Investment Group and its distinguished staff, represented by Mr. Fawzi Shehadeh, Mr. Omar Jalalati, and Madam Hadeel Jumaa, for their dedicated efforts and quick completion of our transactions.. And special thanks to Mr. Louay in the after-sales services department for his elegant and respectful brotherly dealings with us and completing the work as quickly and without Any negligence… May God grant you success all.
      Showkat Alkhateb
      Honestly, it was a very excellent experience with the Golden Investment Group. The brothers Omar Jalalati and brother Abdullah were more than wonderful and their communication and response were quick and they did not fall short. May God give them good health and goodness in them. They continue to serve you and communicate even after the sale. All thanks and appreciation to them.
      Anas Ja

      Inquiries regarding granting Turkish citizenship

      • The property purchase contract is certified by the Turkish notary
      • The real estate title deed document, whether it is (agreement or complete).
      • The correct real estate value assessment report must not exceed $400,000, noting that it is valid for 3 months from the time of request.
      • A document correspond with Turkish citizenship is requested from the Ministry of Electronic Urbanism and Climate Change.
      • Investor personal number.
      • A receipt for transferring foreign currencies to the Turkish Central Bank and exchanging them for local currency via an intermediary bank.
      • A receipt for transferring the real estate value in Turkish Lira to the Turkish seller’s account via the same intermediary bank.
      • Valid passport and a translated and certified copy of it.
      • Family statement for non-family (Indian wife under 18 years old).
      • Approval or rejection.
      • 4 personal photos of all family members.
      • Turkish computer extracted 3 years ago.
      • A copy of the family residence permit.
      • Passports certified for the Turkish language and a translator at the Turkish Notary.
      • Personal Photos.
      • Proof of Turkish origins, whether through father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.
      • Passports translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish notary.
      • Personal Photos.
      • Residence in Türkiye for 3 years

      Certainly, the citizenship granted to the spouse can be obtained with someone under the age of 18.

      • A letter from the bank showing the deposit of $500,000 and the reservation for 3 years.
      • A report issued by the Regulatory and Supervisory Authority of Turkey in order to obtain coffee deposited for the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
      • The document is according to the conditions of Turkish citizenship.
      • Marital status (single/married).
      • Passports for investors and their children under 18, with their names translated and authenticated.
      • Approval or rejection.
        • Document of the type of investment and its value.
        • A document compatible with Turkish citizenship UYGUNLUK BELGES is requested from the Ministry of Urbanization and Climate Change.
        • Valid passports and a copy translated into Turkish and certified by a Turkish notary public.
        • A picture of residents in Turkey that is believed by the Presidency of Immigration and its growing affairs branch.
        • 4 recent personal photos.
        • Investor personal number.
        • Civil  status (single/married).
        • A family statement translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish notary.
        • Copies of the passports of the husband and children, translated and certified.
        • Personal Photos.
        • Investment funds for investors and their children under 18 years of age.
        • The husband’s approval (or refusal) to grant her and her children Turkish citizenship.

      To get an apartment for rent for a period of at least 3 years after which they have the option to sell it or stay with Turkish citizenship for life.

      • Obtaining Turkish passports that can travel to 110 countries around the world without a visa.
      • Due to his enjoyment of the Turkish identity distinguished by being a citizen with full rights and duties, there is no such thing as a good citizen in Turkey.
      • Newborns acquire citizenship by inheritance and children under the age of 18 automatically become Turkish citizens.
      • Education Foundation in Turkish schools and universities.
      • Planning for health insurance and medical emergencies.
      • Turkish laws allow for dual citizenship, and if the country has its own nationality and does not oppose nationality, you obtain both nationalities together.
      • Participants in the Turkish elections, whether presidential, parliamentary or local, but they chose other elections.
      • He lives in a country with unique cultural diversity.
      • The ability to buy and sell Turkish real estate all over the world with ease

      Yes, the Turkish government allows this by allowing dual citizenship, but people must take into account the situation in their country of origin whether it allows dual citizenship or not.

      No, for this type of global real estate title, obtaining the title deed (tabu) is a basic condition for applying for naturalization.

      The process of purchasing real estate is one of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and a distinction must be made between the period during which the property is permitted to be disposed of and the period during which one obtains citizenship. Three years must pass from the time of purchasing the disposition in order for the disposition to be authorized, but it is granted directly after the procedures have been completed. What assistance is needed within a period ranging from 90 to 120 days.

      It is possible with only one force to own a property that qualifies for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, and if there is more than one owner of the property in the title deeds, then no. This is why they have to apply for Turkish citizenship, meaning that only the owner of the property who is named and mentioned in the title deed can apply and no. The value of the property is divided among more than one owner as before, including joint ownership.

      If he has Turkish citizenship and has entered Turkey for the first time after the age of 21 years, but he has not completed the compulsory service, but if his entry was before that, he is obligated to perform it, and his children for two reasons are on Turkish citizenship, as he called them before the age of 18 years.

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