Human resources and recruitment

Human resources and employment are an essential part of the Golden Group’s business policy, so we always focus on developing jobs and advancing our company to the ranks of companies and institutions in Turkey and the world.

The Golden Group is looking for promising talents who want to prove their worth and work to develop their functional capabilities and meet their aspirations and goals.

If you are experienced in one of our fields of work and are in the prime of your life and have high ambition, a spirit of honest competition, and the challenge to reach the highest professional goals, you can be a member of the Golden Group for Real Estate Consulting by applying for employment and choosing the job that suits your experience and skills.

Vacancies at the Golden Group for Real Estate Consulting:

  • Real estate consulting
  • Sales department
  • customers service
  • Drivers
  • Content writing (Arabic, English, Turkish, French, Russian, Iranian)
  • Post content on social media pages
  • Website programming
  • information technology
  • Programming Android and IOS applications
  • Design
  • Montage
  • Photography
  • Translators

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