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Real estate marketing in Türkiye

Real estate marketing in Turkey has become a science that specializes in the needs, goals and desires of current and potential customers looking to buy real estate in Turkey.

Among the most prominent services that the Golden Group provides to its clients is marketing Turkish real estate by guiding them to the best and most appropriate real estate projects that take into account all standards and building standards and have the necessary licenses in order to guarantee the legal safety of the property.

Real estate shopping in Turkey is not only a process of mediation between the seller and the customer, but rather an existing and taught art in itself that aims to bring the customer who gave our company full confidence to safety in terms of choosing the appropriate property for his goals and aspirations in Turkey, whether housing, real estate investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship. Through real estate ownership.

The Golden Group deals with the largest Turkish construction companies with a good reputation in the Turkish real estate market and known for their commitment to creating residential and commercial real estate projects according to the strictest construction standards and international standards in terms of including in their projects materials resistant to earthquakes and earthquakes, in addition to the aesthetics of the designs, the quality of building materials, attention to the details of the interior and exterior decoration, and the advantages of… Ceilings, floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, doors and various property accessories.

Before receiving any project and marketing it, the Golden Group Company takes the initiative to send an expert technical team to the project to be built and review the project model, engineering drawings, maps and construction sites, obtain the required licenses, and above all, the name of the construction company and its strength in the Turkish contracting market before starting cooperation with it.

The Golden Group’s work does not end once contracts for the purchase of Turkish real estate are signed, especially if they are under construction. Rather, our companies follow the construction work step by step, adhering to construction standards and its continuity, until the completion of the entire finishing work and handing over the properties to their owners.

Real estate marketing in Turkey begins with a dialogue with the prospective customer, knowing his desires and goals for purchasing, introducing him to the reality and laws of the Turkish real estate market, its money and what it owes, and presenting him with the most appropriate offers in the best Turkish real estate projects that adhere to quality and legal safety standards.

The Golden Group aims not only to market Turkish real estate, but to be the first real estate advisor in Turkey and an investment road map to take the client to safety and achieve his aspirations for investment in Turkey in general.

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Real estate marketing standards in Türkiye

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