Ownership of Turkish real estate by Syrians holding other nationalities

قانون التملك العقاري

Syrian nationals who have obtained Turkish citizenship are allowed to own real estate in Turkey, regardless of their Syrian nationality.

They must present their Turkish national ID card (Kimlik) during property transactions at the Land Registry Directorate.


Syrians with Dual Citizenship Owning Turkish Real Estate:

  • For Syrian nationals holding dual citizenship (e.g., German, American, or any other non-Turkish citizenship).
  • the Turkish Land Registry Directorate has clarified that they cannot own real estate in Turkey. In such cases, Syrian nationality is considered.
  • the basis for property  ownership, and their other foreign citizenship does not grant them the right to own property in Turkey.

تملك السوريين في تركيا

Foreigners Born in Syria Owning Turkish Real Estate:

  • Some foreigners who were born in Syria, particularly Palestinian passport holders, may be allowed to own real estate in Turkey.
  • However, these individuals need to provide a document confirming their birth in Syria but without holding Syrian citizenship when purchasing property in Turkey.
  • Without this document, property ownership cannot be established due to the place of birth.


Obtaining Approval for Property Ownership by Naturalized Syrians in Turkey:

  • Before the recent directive from the Turkish Land Registry Directorate, Syrian nationals who had obtained Turkish citizenship.
  • were required to obtain written approval from the Turkish Immigration Authority to own property. However.
  • the recent directive has abolished the need for this approval, allowing property ownership based solely on Turkish citizenship.


Authorities Not Confiscating Property of Turkish National Syrians:

  • There have been rumours circulating within Syrian and real estate communities about Turkish authorities confiscating.
  • the properties of Syrian nationals who hold Turkish citizenship. However, these rumours are false and baseless.
  • Turkish authorities cannot and have not taken such actions. Furthermore, the recent directive from the Land Registry Directorate has removed.
  • the requirement for property owners to sign an agreement surrendering their property in the event of losing Turkish citizenship in favour of the state or due to a lack of Turkish heirs.

العقارات التركية

Despite Syrians being among the foreign nationalities prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey, there is optimism within.

the real estate community that a change in regulations may occur in the coming years. This optimism arises from the potential.

normalization of relations between Turkey and Syria through ongoing negotiations that began months ago and continue today.

These negotiations may lead to the removal of legal barriers allowing citizens of both countries to own property in each other’s nations, provided certain conditions are met.

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