Kepez in Antalya .. Advantages of buying an apartment and investing in real estate in it


Kepez in Antalya, is one of the most prominent areas that usually tops the monthly and annual sales statistics Real estate in Türkiye.

Kepez district in Antalya has many attractions and real estate attraction.

A glimpse of Kepez district in Antalya:

  • Kepez is the second largest residential area in.
  • the Turkish city of Antalya.
  • It has many natural, tourist, and investment attractions.
  • It receives government attention by constantly.
  • developing its infrastructure.
  • Kepez real estate, one of the luxury.
  • Turkish properties, in terms of design.
  • construction quality, and services.

Kepez in Antalya

where  it is Located?

  • Kepez is located 15 km north of Antalya.
  • Near the famous Murad Paşa area.
  • Kepez consists of 60 localities and seven villages.
  • Its population is approaching about 500 thousand people.
  • Although it does not overlook the Mediterranean Sea.
  • However, it is considered at the forefront of Turkish tourist places.

موقع كيبيز

Advantages of housing and living in the Kepez area:

  • It is considered a residential and quiet area.
  • due to its relative distance from the city center.
  • It is a haven for those looking for tranquility and stunning nature.
  • Many luxury residential complexes were recently.
  • built there, at affordable prices.
  • The city municipality granted it a good transportation network, facilitating movement to and from the rest of Antalya.
  • Kepez is an area that combines housing.
  • tourism and industry, and includes.
  • an electric power generation station.
  • In addition to the many parks and gardens.
  • in addition to forests and waterfalls.
  • As well as service landmarks, such as hospitals, schools, and malls.

Kepez in Antalya

Infrastructure in the Kepez area:

  • Antalya location in the southern Turkey.
  • and its extension is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • And Being the tourism capital of Turkey.
  • the Turkish government and the relevant.
  • ministries and institutions paid attention.
  • In addition to the Greater Antalya Municipality and its smaller municipalities, to comprehensive urban development in Antalya.
  • Among the most prominent areas that occupied.
  • the list of renewal and development.
  • and interest in enhancing infrastructure.
  • is the Kepez region in Antalya.

شلالات كيبيز

Study and education:

  • The region includes dozens of schools, at different levels.
  • In addition to its proximity to public and private universities.
  • Such as Akdeniz State University.

Health and medical:

  • It hosts many hospitals and health centers.
  • Which provides various medical and health services.
  • It contains a government hospital.
  • with a capacity of more than 300 patients.
  • In addition to medical projects under construction.

Shopping and entertainment:

  • There are many markets and entertainment centers in the area.
  • Full of tourist activities and shopping attractions.
  • Which meet the aspirations of individuals.
  • families and tourists, including:
  • Mall of Antalya.
  • Depo Mall.
  • Metro Mall.
  • Agora Mall.

Kepez in Antalya

The most beautiful natural and tourist places:

  • Kepez forests.
  • Orman Park.
  • Düden Falls.

Advantages of owning real estate in the Kepez area in Antalya:

  • A lively, active residential area, full of service landmarks.
  • Enchanting nature, cultural, educational and health centres.
  • Approaching the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is about a quarter of an hour away from.
  • Antalya International Airport by car.
  • Easy to move to and from, via many means of transportation.
  • Diversity of residential and commercial properties.
  • Such as apartments, villas, offices, and shops.
  • In addition to hotel apartments, hotels, and tourist resorts.
  • The region’s properties enjoy creative designs.
  • and remarkable construction quality.
  • Real estate prices are reasonable.
  • For a wide range of local and foreign buyers.

كيبيز في أنطاليا

The investment importance of the Kepez district in Antalya:

  • Infrastructure development projects have increased.
  • significantly in recent years.
  • It has a touristic character, which has encouraged.
  • investment in its tourist properties.
  • Real estate investment in Kepez tourist properties.
  • in particular provides high investment
  • It is considered an attractive area for housing and tourism.
  • which requires the provision of properties.
  • commensurate with the increasing demand.
  • for daily and weekly rent.
  • The nature of the area makes it suitable for visiting.
  • all months of the year.
  • Real estate investment extends to various.
  • types of residential and commercial properties.
  • Choosing and investing in a property in.
  • the Kepez area is considered a successful investment option.
  • For local and foreign investors.

Kepez in Antalya

 projects of the Golden Investment Group in the Kepez :

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