Information about Gebze in Türkiye


Information about Gebze in Turkey about its economic.

tourism and real estate importance, and the reasons for choosing.

it by those wishing to own property and invest in real estate in Turkey.

A glimpse of the Gebze region in Türkiye:

  • city of Gebze connects the cities of Istanbul and Kocaeli.
  • Gebze borders the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • It has a vital industrial role at the level of Turkish regions and cities.
  • The Gebze region belongs to the Turkish city of Kocaeli.
  • It is distinguished by its strategic location near Istanbul.
  • Specifically at Osman Gazi Bridge.
  • Gebze is located only 65 km from Istanbul.
  • From the southeast side.
  • It overlooks the Gulf of Izmit the eastern shore.
  • of the Sea of ​​
  • Its population, according to the latest official statistics.
  • is 350 thousand people.

Information about Gebze in Turkey


gebze city

The economic importance of the Gebza region:

  • Gebze’s share of Kocaeli’s national income exceeds 33%.
  • Thanks to its strong infrastructure, especially the industrial sector.
  • The region has economic importance not.
  • only at the level of Kocaeli.
  • But at the level of other Turkish regions and cities.
  • The geographical location over which Gebze.
  • extends also contributed to increasing its importance.
  • The region will become a commercial shipping center in Türkiye.
  • In turn, the agricultural sector represents one.
  • of its distinctive economic activities.
  • Especially urban transformation projects.
  • which prompted many people to turn to.
  • agricultural investments in Gbeza.

The most prominent industries that Gebze is famous for:

  • Metal industries.
  • Glass industries
  • Clothes and textiles.
  • Plastic industries.
  • Auto parts industry.

Agriculture in Gbeza:

  • The region is famous for many agricultural crops.
  • Which contribute to raising its agricultural importance, such as:
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Sunflower
  • Vegetables and fruits of all kinds.
  • The agricultural sector also includes other fields
  • such as chicken farms.
  • In addition to sheep and cows.

Information about Gebze in Turkey

Tourism in the Gebza region:

Gebza hosts many tourist places and attractions.

the most important of which are:

1-Faruk Yalçın ZOO:

  • More than 3,000 animals of 250 species live there.
  • Among them are animals threatened with extinction.
  • So the garden Protected by her.

2-Çoban Mustafa Paşa mosque:

  • An old Turkish mosque with a distinctive archaeological character.
  • It has a stunning Osoman urban design.
  • It was built in 1523 AD.
  • With a relatively small area.
  • However, it has a high historical status.
  • It was given this name in honor of.
  • one of the senior military commanders in the Osoman Empire.

3- The house of the painter Osman Hamdi:

  • One of the most important museums and.
  • tourist attractions in Gebze.
  • It has a privileged location next to the sea.
  • It has an extremely wonderful engineering design.
  • The house contains many works of art.
  • Drawn by the Ottoman artist Osman Hamdi.
  • In addition to a number of wax statues.

4- Eskihisar Parkı:

  • Also known as Adventure Park.
  • It is modern and equipped for family outings by the sea.
  • Providing places for rest and sitting.
  • In addition to children’s playgrounds and games.
  • There are a variety of games and activities.
  • In addition to its proximity to Eskihisar Castle.
  • Information about the Gebze area

Infrastructure of the Gebze region in Türkiye:

  • Given the importance of the agricultural, industrial and tourist area.
  • It is natural that it has modern and advanced infrastructure.
  • Of roads, bridges and transportation networks.
  • In addition to other service facilities.

Gebze Technical University:

  • Founded in 1994.
  • It is a modern Turkish university specialized in technical.
  • fields and scientific research.
  • It received its current name in 2014.
  • It includes 4 colleges divided into 18 academic departments.
  • The university provides 50 scientific programs for postgraduate studies (Master’s, Doctorate).
  • In addition to nine auxiliary educational institutes.
  • Its capacity reaches 3,700 bachelor’s students.
  • Nearly 4,600 master’s and doctoral students.

gebe teknik

Medical Park Hospital:

  • Its total area reaches 17 thousand square meters.
  • With a capacity of 118 beds, including 50 intensive care beds.
  • It is affiliated with the Medical Park Hospital chain.
  • Spread in 17 Turkish cities.
  • The hospital includes a distinguished medical staff in Turkey.

Halkalı Gebze Metro:

  • This line opened in early 2019.
  • It connects the city of Kocaeli to the Asian.
  • and European parts of Istanbul.
  • Reaching the Küçükçekmece region.
  • It is known as “Marmaray” and passes inside a tunnel under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • The capacity of the meter line reaches.
  • 1,700,000 passengers per day.
  • It saves time and effort during transportation.
  • and contributes to reducing traffic congestion.
  • Information about the Gebze area

gebze marmarai

Advantages of living in the Gebze region in Türkiye:

  • It provides all the elements of a quiet and comfortable life.
  • Spectacular nature and refreshing sea beaches.
  • Being away from the hustle and bustle of cities.
  • There are many job and investment opportunities.
  • Urban development, especially infrastructure.
  • The tourist importance of the region.
  • An area suitable for families to live in.
  • It includes many modern real estate complex projects.
  • Ghabza was chosen to build the palace.
  • of the Emirati Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • ruler of Dubai.

Information about Gebze in Turkey

Real estate ownership and investment in Gbeza:

  • Gebze real estate, market provides many options.
  • Which encourages ownership and investment.
  • Accompanied by a distinctive, vital location.
  • linking Kocaeli and Istanbul.
  • The development of its infrastructure has.
  • contributed to increasing its demand.
  • Other reasons for ownership are the economic.
  • agricultural and tourism sectors.
  • Many people see it as an opportunity to live, work.
  • or invest at the same time.
  • Within various economic fields.
  • Gbeza is also one of the active areas at all levels.
  • Most of Gebze’s properties have distinctive sea views.
  • of the Gulf of Izmit.
  • In addition to other views of green spaces and parks.
  • In terms of real estate investment, the options are diverse in Gebza.
  • From residential apartments or luxury villas to invest in.
  • In addition to offices and shops.
  • All the way to hotels and hotel apartments.
  • Gebza real estate achieves high profitable.
  • returns for the investor.
  • Satisfy his desires and meet his aspirations.

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