Motivations for Real Estate Ownership in Ankara

التملك العقاري في أنقرة


real estate investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship through property acquisition. Ankara is known as the political capital of the country and enjoys a vital and strategic geographical location.


An Overview of Ankara, Turkey:

  • As the political capital of Turkey, Ankara is known as Ankara in both Turkish and English. It is the second-largest.
  • Turkish city in terms of population, with approximately 5,747,325 residents, according to the latest statistics from the Turkish Directorate of Population.
  • Ankara is located in the Anatolian region, situated on the Asian continent. Its history dates back over 3,000 years BC. Throughout history.
  • it was inhabited by the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Galatians, Romans, Seljuks, and the Ottomans.

General Location of Ankara:

Ankara spans an area of 24,521 square meters and is surrounded by the following cities:

  • Karabuk and Zonguldak to the north.
  • Kirikkale to the east.
  • Aksaray to the south.
  • Eskisehir to the west.


Ankara is approximately:

  • 388 km (about 4 hours by car) from Bursa, Turkey.
  • 455 km (approximately 4.5 hours by car) from Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 477 km (approximately 5 hours by car) from Antalya, Turkey.
  • The Black Sea is about 274 km to the north.


Reasons and Motivations for Real Estate Investment in Ankara, Turkey:

  • Ankara is strategically located in the heart of Turkey, equidistant to Istanbul in the northwest and Antalya in the south.
  • The city is home to senior statesmen, celebrities, athletes, artists, and influential Turkish figures.
  • Ankara boasts advanced infrastructure, reflecting its status as the nation’s capital and a cultural hub.
  • Properties in Ankara feature luxurious designs and high construction quality.
  • Ankara offers spacious properties with diverse styles and various options.
  • The city hosts the embassies of countries worldwide and various governmental and international organizations.
  • Ankara is home to the Presidency, Prime Ministry, and the Turkish Parliament.
  • The city enjoys a moderate climate with extensive green spaces, including gardens, hills, plateaus, and valleys.
  • Ankara’s real estate market provides diverse opportunities for ownership and real estate investment.
  • The investment value of Ankara’s properties is on the rise, with increasing demand.
  • Expected investment returns on properties in Ankara range from moderate to good to excellent.
  • The construction and contracting industry in Ankara is strong, attracting major construction companies.
  • Ankara is one of Turkey’s major cities and is renowned for its vibrant and dynamic real estate market, attracting local and international capital.
  • Turkish government laws and regulations favor foreign investors.
  • Tax incentives and exemptions are available for value-added tax under certain conditions.
  • Turkish residence permits can be obtained by purchasing real estate in Ankara or any other Turkish city with a value of at least $200,000.
  • Ankara properties align with the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship, provided the property’s value is not less than $400,000, and it is retained for a minimum of three years.

In recent years, Ankara has witnessed a significant influx of those interested in real estate ownership in Turkey.

Its importance has grown with the development and prosperity of its real estate market since it was declared the Turkish capital in 1923.

Today, Ankara and all Turkish cities celebrate the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic and 100 years since Ankara was declared the political capital of Turkey.


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