Can the residential property be converted into commercial or vice versa?

عقارات سكنية وتجارية

The types of properties in Turkey vary based on the purpose of purchase.

including residential properties like apartments and villas.

commercial properties such as offices and shops, and mixed-use properties that can serve both residential and commercial purposes.

Occasionally, property owners may wish to change the classification from commercial to residential or vice versa.

Is this legally permissible under Turkish law, and what are the procedures?



Legality of Changing Property Classification:


There is no legal prohibition in Turkish property ownership laws against changing the type of property from commercial to residential or vice versa.

provided that the necessary approvals are obtained, and the required documents are prepared.


Procedures for Changing Property Type:


The first and most crucial step in changing the property type is obtaining written consent from all property owners within the same building.

These consents must be in writing and signify that there are no objections to changing the property type

This step is challenging, as altering the property classification is not possible without unanimous consent.

Required Documents for Property Type Change:

To change the property type in Turkey from commercial to residential or vice versa, the following documents must be provided:

عقار سكني
عقار سكني
  • Written consents from all property owners within the same building.
  • Permits from the municipality and the province indicating no legal impediments.
  • Property title deed (tapu) ownership document.
  • Identification or residence permit copy of the property owner.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Tax number.
  • Payment of title deed change fees.
عقار تجاري
عقار تجاري

Steps to Change Property Type:


  • Communicate with all property owners in the same building, requesting written consents explaining the reasons for the change.
  • Compile consents matching the number of properties in the building.
  • Authenticate consents with a Turkish notary for legal validity.
  • Approach the municipality and provincial building for the mentioned permits.
  • Schedule an appointment with the land registry directorate to change the property documents.
  • Prepare a file with all required documents.
  • Attend the appointment at the land registry office, submit the documents, and pay the necessary fees.
  • The official processes the request, and upon approval, issues a new title deed indicating the updated property type.

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