Turkish real estate .. Foreigners continue to own in April 2024

Turkish real estate sales

Turkish real estate Foreigners continue.

to own Turkish real estate, according to.

the Turkish Statistics Authority.

Which published its monthly report on.

total real estate sales in Türkiye.

During the month of last April on the one hand.

On the other hand, Turkish real estate sales.

to foreigners last month.

Türkiye sold more than 75 thousand properties last month:

  • The Statistics Authority revealed in its latest report.
  • The country recorded the sale of 75,596 properties last April.
  • Istanbul tops the list of cities with the most sales.
  • It sold 12 thousand and 406 properties.
  • Ankara came second with 6,242 properties.
  • Then Antalya 4427 properties.
  • The Turkish cities that sell the least real estate are:
  • Ardahan 18 properties.
  • Hakkâri 35 properties
  • Tunceli 49 properties.

istanbul real estate sales

Total Turkish properties sold since the beginning of 2024:

  • According to the official report, Türkiye sold 355,173 properties.
  • During the period between the past January and April.

Properties sold in Türkiye by type:

  • In the details of the report, the country sold.
  • real estate last April according to.
  • the following types of real estate:


  • 7071 properties in April.
  • 34,693 since the beginning of 2024.


  • 68,498 properties in April.
  • 320,480 between January and April.


  • 24 thousand and 85 properties last April.
  • 112,341 properties between January and April 2024.

Turkish real estate


  • 51,484 properties in April
  • 242 thousand and 832 properties since the beginning of the year.


How many properties did foreigners buy in April 2024?

  • The authority said in its statement.
  • that foreigners bought 1,272 properties.
  • Last April.
  • Antalya topped the list of cities.
  • that sold their real estate to foreigners with 454 properties.
  • The second place went to Istanbul with 407 properties.
  • Thirdly, Mersin, by selling 149 properties.

Foreigners’ purchases of Turkish real estate since the beginning of 2024:

  • The government report continued.
  • that the total purchases of Turkish real estate by foreigners.
  • From the beginning of the year 2024.
  • until the last day of last April.
  • It reached 6957 properties.

real estate sales


Who are the countries That most purchased Turkish real estate by its citizens in April 2024?

  1. Russia 239 properties
  2. Iran 117 properties
  3. Ukraine 91 propertes
  4. Germany 70 properties
  5. Kazakhstan 57 properties
  6. Iraq 42 properties
  7. United Kingdom 34 properties
  8. Saudi Arabia 32 properties


Turkish Statistical Authority


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