Costs of Buying Property in Turkey 2024

تكاليف التملك العقاري

The expenses associated with purchasing property in Turkey extend beyond transferring the property’s price to the seller’s account.

Various additional costs or fees must be considered when deciding to invest in real estate in Turkey.

These may include taxes, fees for legal services, insurance, and more.


Fees for Authenticating the Purchase Contract at the Turkish Notary:


  • Turkish authorities have set a fee of 1% of the contract value for authenticating the property purchase contract at the Turkish Notary.
  • For example, if a property in Turkey is sold for $100,000, the authentication fee at the Turkish Notary would be $1,000.


Fees for Obtaining the Property Valuation Report:


  • The property valuation report, obtained through the “Web Tapu” system via a licensed company or a committee from the Land Registry Directorate, incurs costs.
  • The expenses for obtaining the report in 2023 amount to 1,500 Turkish Lira.


Property Ownership Transfer Fees in Turkey:


  • These fees are paid to the Land Registry Directorate in Turkey when transferring property ownership, whether through sale, gift, donation, or inheritance.
  • The property transfer fees (Tapu fees) are typically 4% of the property’s value, usually borne by the buyer.
  • However, there might be cases where the seller and buyer agree to split the fees equally, 2% each.
تكاليف شراء عقار في تركيا
تكاليف شراء عقار في تركيا

Power of Attorney Fees:


When obtaining a power of attorney to manage property transfer transactions, fees paid to the Turkish Notary range between $50 and $100.


Transaction Management Fees for Property Transfer (Attorneys’ Fees):


  • Real estate attorneys receive fees when entrusted with managing property ownership transfer transactions in Turkey.
  • These fees are approximately $1,750, regardless of the property value.


Earthquake Insurance Policy Fees in Turkey:

  • For property ownership transfer after purchase, presenting an earthquake insurance policy, known as DASK, is required.
  • The annual insurance fees, varying based on the property’s location, are estimated to be around $50.


Various Fees:


Other miscellaneous fees, including document translation and authentication costs, total approximately 3,500 Turkish Lira.


Value Added Tax (VAT) in Turkey:


  • Turkish authorities have set the value-added tax at 8% for properties with an area not exceeding 150 square meters.
  • For properties larger than this, the remaining square meters are subject to a 18% property tax, payable once. Some cases may be exempt from VAT in Turkey.


Monthly Property Taxes:


These are fees paid to the management of residential complexes in Turkey for cleaning, maintenance, and other services.


Annual Property Taxes:


Paid to the municipality, these taxes amount to 0.2% or 2‰ of the property’s value, payable once a year.

تكاليف شراء عقار في تركيا
تكاليف شراء عقار في تركيا

Are There Fees for Real Estate Consultancy Services in Turkey?


Real estate consultancy groups in Turkey do not charge fees for their advisory services or for providing property ownership offers.

Instead, the company’s commission is collected from the construction company, considering it as the selling party.


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