Definition of the Model Apartment

الشقة النموذجية

It is a regular apartment created within residential real estate complexes in Turkey, including all the features and details.

that other apartments within the building will have after the completion of construction, including decorations and furnishings.


The Purpose of Creating the Model Apartment:

  • The construction company aims to design and prepare the model apartment entirely to provide customers with a vision of the final apartment’s.
  • appearance after the project is fully completed, which may take months or several years. This includes aspects such as the area, layout.
  • room distribution, space utilization, decorations, furniture arrangement, views, and identification of the building materials used in floors, walls.
  • kitchens, bathrooms, and other accessories, as well as the type and quality of doors, among other important details.


Meanwhile, the real estate company that the individual deals with aims to conduct a property tour of the project and show them the model apartment.

which illustrates the appearance of the project’s apartments after construction is finished.

الشقة النموذجية في تركيا
الشقة النموذجية في تركيا

The Model Apartment:

  • The model apartment is typically located either within the buildings under construction, where all project apartments.
  • are often still in the structural phase, and sometimes even the construction of the floors is not yet complete.
  • The model apartment stands out from the rest as it gives the client the feeling of being in a fully finished apartment.
  • separate from the construction materials like cement, iron, dust, and dirt resulting from construction work.


In cases where the project has not yet begun or construction is still in its early stages, such as excavation.

the model apartment is created within the project’s sales office, including all the details.


What does the model apartment include?

  • The model apartment is fully furnished, featuring interior finishes that are not usually delivered with the apartment but aim to provide ideas.
  • for the client or the company they wish to contract with for various interior decorations.
  • Apart from decorations, the apartment is fully furnished with bedrooms, living room furniture sets, carpets, tables, dining sets.
  • wall art, screens, and seating. In addition, it includes electrical appliances delivered with the apartment in kitchens, such as the extractor hood, microwave.
  • gas stove, and refrigerator (often the refrigerator is not included with the apartment).
شقة نموذجية
شقة نموذجية

The model apartment is an essential requirement for those interested in real estate ownership in Turkey.

as it provides a complete view of the appearance and designs of the apartments after construction is complete.

It plays a positive role in helping the client make the final decision on ownership, especially if they are hesitant despite seeing photos and videos.

Many people prefer to see the real thing, a fully furnished apartment, visit it, and move around inside to make their decision.

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