Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions in Turkey

توكيل بيع العقارات

Legal Power of Attorney in Turkey:

  • It is an official agency granted by one person to another in order to manage a transaction or the right to sell and buy their properties within the country.
  • It is done within a governmental institution responsible for issuing powers of attorney.
  • The presence of both the principal and the agent is required, and the power of attorney includes several provisions.
  • related to the type of agency and its content. The powers granted to the agent should be limited and within defined frameworks.
  • with the most crucial aspect being the power to terminate the agency at any time.


Real Estate Buying and Selling Agency in Turkey:

  • This type of agency aims to authorize the owner of a property in Turkey or anyone interested in real estate ownership in Turkey.
  • to appoint another person to act on their behalf in conducting real estate transactions in Turkey.
  • The agency can have a specified start and end date, outlining the powers that the agent is not allowed to exceed.


Terms of the Turkish Real Estate Agency:

The agency includes a set of provisions and powers granted from the principal to the appointed agent. Some of the crucial points are:

  1. Selling and transferring the property’s value to the owner’s bank account.
  2. Buying properties and requesting the transfer of their price from the buyer’s account to the seller’s.
  3. Finding tenants and leasing the property while ensuring the rights of both the owner and the tenant.
  4. Evicting the tenant for non-payment of rent for several months.
  5. Transferring monthly rent payments to the owner’s (principal’s) account.
  6. Paying annual and monthly taxes and fees payable to the management of residential complexes.
  7. Entering the property and performing cleaning and maintenance at any time.
  8. Furnishing the property and including decorations and modifications as specified in the agency without increase or decrease.
  9. Opening subscriptions for water, gas, electricity, telephone, and the internet for the property.
  10. Managing the procedures for transferring property ownership in Turkey.

الوكالة العقارية في تركيا

Governmental Body Responsible for Preparing the Power of Attorney in Turkey:


  • The issuance of powers of attorney in Turkey and their termination falls under the authority of the Turkish Notary Public (known as the Turkish Noter).
  • which has hundreds of branches and departments across Turkish states and cities to facilitate citizens and residents through various services.
  • including issuing general and specific powers of attorney in various economic and commercial sectors.


Governmental Body for Executing the Power of Attorney Outside Turkey:


  • Turkish institutions abroad responsible for issuing general and specific powers of attorney are usually located within embassies.
  • consulates, and Turkish missions worldwide, dealing with various documents and papers, including powers of attorney.


Validity of the Power of Attorney in Turkey:


  • It is essential to determine the expiration date of the power of attorney, and the principal must specify a date for its renewal.
  • The duration of the tasks assigned to the appointed agent should be considered, whether they take days, months, or several years.


Rights of the Principal Towards the Agent in the Power of Attorney:


The rights of the principal towards the appointed agent in the power of attorney include:


  • Compliance with the granted powers.
  • Informing the appointed agent of the main purpose of the agency.
  • Knowing the powers granted and abiding by the agreed-upon timeframe for completing the assigned tasks.

بيع العقارات التركية

Terminating the Legal Power of Attorney in Turkey:


  • The principal has the right to terminate the legal power of attorney at any moment, even without consulting the appointed agent.
  • This is done by visiting the nearest Notary Public office and requesting the cancellation of the power of attorney, provided that it is revocable.
  • When canceled, the agency in the hands of the appointed agent will no longer be legal, and the revocation of the power.
  • of attorney will be generalized electronically to government institutions and authorities.


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