The return on investment in Turkish real estate

Investment returns

is a primary goal for investors, offering substantial material gains and profit yields. The diverse options.

including residential and commercial properties, make Istanbul an economic hub attracting investors for short, medium, or long-term ventures.

Calculating returns depends on the property type, location, and strategic choices.


Meaning of Return on Investment in Turkey:

  • Return on investment is the driving force behind real estate investments in Turkey, ensuring high returns.
  • especially in major projects with prime locations. Istanbul, the Turkish economic capital, provides numerous investment opportunities in residential.
  • commercial, and other property types.

العائد الاستثماري

Calculating Return on Investment in Turkey:

  • The type of real estate investment influences return calculations.
  • Annual capital appreciation is based on property quality and the strategic location, determining the property’s annual increase.
  • For instance, a property with a guaranteed 6% return over five years yields the investor 30% of the property’s value.
  • Strategic locations can lead to property value increases ranging from 50% to 70% or even exceeding 100%.


Return on investment for rental properties is influenced by factors such as location, area, property type (residential, commercial), space, and building quality.

Properties in vibrant and promising locations in Istanbul, like Basın Express Commercial Road or Avcılar, offer substantial annual rental returns.


Residential Property Investment Returns:

Residential properties in Turkey, including regular apartments, duplexes, triplexes, home offices, and penthouses, experience high demand for rent.

With returns reaching up to 10% of the property value, investing in residential real estate, especially in growing cities, proves to be financially rewarding.


Commercial Property Investment Returns:

  • Commercial properties in Turkey, including shops, offices, home offices, and hotels, attract investors with high-profit potential.
  • Commercial spaces, especially in strategic locations, are sought after by local and international companies.
  • ensuring high rental returns. Hotel apartments, providing comprehensive hotel-like services, cater to daily, weekly, or monthly rentals and often generate income in foreign currencies.

الاستثمار في تركيا


  • The Turkish real estate market, with its diverse investment options, guarantees high returns for both short and long-term investors.
  • Commercial properties, home offices, and hotel apartments present opportunities for substantial profits, making real estate investment in Turkey.
  • a secure and lucrative choice.


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