Atasehir Asian Istanbul ..The investment importance


Atasehir Asian Istanbul  ..has established itself in recent years as one of the most prominent investment.

and commercial neighborhoods in Istanbul and Turkey.


A glimpse of the Atasehir neighborhood in Asian Istanbul:

  • The neighborhood is known for its commercial and investment character.
  • It includes many towers, skyscrapers, and buildings with modern designs
  • It has good infrastructure, including wide roads and streets.
  • In addition to organizing roads, transportation networks.
  • and health, educational, and recreational facilities.
  • In addition to its distinguished location at a traffic intersection.
  • and an important transportation node linking it with the rest of Istanbul.

 حي أتاشهير

the site:

  • Atasehir neighborhood is located in Asian Istanbul.
  • It belongs to the urban municipality and is surrounded by:
  • Sancaktepe, Maltepe, Kadikoy.
  • It is classified as a species of recent origin.
  • It is located in the middle of the city’s.
  • E-5 highway and E-80 international highway.
  • It is bordered to the north by Beykoz forests and Aydos forests.
  • It is close to the famous Polish village.
  • In addition to its proximity to the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara in the south.


Istanbul International Finance Center:

  • The Istanbul International Finance Center.
  • is the most important landmark of the Atasehir district
  • Its first phase opened in April 2023.
  • In the presence of Turkish President Regep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • The center aims to transform Istanbul in particular.
  • and Turkey in general into an international capital.
  • of finance linking Asia, Europe and Africa
  • By attracting major Turkish and international.
  • financial institutions to it and stimulating.
  • the financial movement there.
  • The Istanbul Financial Center for International Finance.
  • extends over a huge area of ​​​​three million.
  • and 200 thousand square meters.
  • It is expected that its budget will exceed three.
  • billion Turkish liras when all its stages are completed.
  • Istanbul Financial Center for International.
  • Finance consists of four regions
  • It includes private institutions, auditing institutions.
  • banks, and buildings affiliated with the center.
  • In addition to providing housing, conference halls.
  • a cultural center, hotels, shopping centers, schools.
  • mosques, a police station and fire stations.
  • The center includes huge economic.
  • assets with practical and commercial life.
  • It is expected that 90,000 people trade.
  • in the Istanbul Financial Center daily.
  • It will also host 11,000 residents and 50,000 employees.
  • and 25,000 people will visit it daily.
  • The center is expected to provide.
  • approximately 150,000 job opportunities.
  • It will work to create an economy specific to its cultural.
  • social and financial environment.
  • In addition to including two subway stations designated.
  • to serve the financial center and transport.
  • employees and visitors to and from it.
  • The value of the Istanbul Financial Center for Finance
  • increased by about 800 million.
  • Turkish liras in just 15 months.
  • This corresponds to an increase of approximately 30%.
  • in a year and a half, and economists expect.
  • the center to gain 50% in value in just two years.


Atasehir Asian Istanbul

مركز إسطنبول للتمويل الدولي

Tourist attractions in Atasehir:

In addition to its investment importance.

the neighborhood also provides many.

recreational areas, including:

Gokjet Botanical Picnic Park:

  • The park was built in 1995
  • Designated as a souvenir park
  • Its area is 32 hectares.


Caestagel Forest:

  • It is one of the beautiful places in Atasehir.
  • It attracts tourists and visitors coming to it from.
  • various parts of the city around the world.
  • It is famous for its charming green nature and.
  • the recreational activities available there.


Ulker Sports Arena:

  • A sports stadium characterized by a very modern.
  • design, with a capacity of 15,000 fans.


Malls in Atasehir neighborhood:

  • Bolivar.
  • Platinum.
  • Optimum.
  • Novada.
  • Water Garden.
  • Carrefour.


Atasehir Asian Istanbul

أتاشهير إسطنبول الآسيوية

Advantages of owning and investing in real estate in Atasehir neighborhood:

  • The Atasehir neighborhood in Asian Istanbul has an.
  • exceptional location that combines.
  • charming nature and urban authenticity.
  • It is characterized by advanced infrastructure.
  • that contributed to it being chosen as.
  • a neighborhood for housing and real estate
  • It provides wide residential options.
  • that suit all ownership goals in Türkiye.
  • It has an investment character.
  • thanks to the features it enjoys.
  • The opening of the Istanbul Financial Center increased.
  • the commercial, economic and.
  • investment momentum of the Atasehir district.
  • The neighborhood is close to.
  • Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
  • It has a unique location at the intersection.
  • of two Istanbul highways.
  • It is served by many health, educational and.
  • recreational facilities and transportation networks.
  • Atasehir neighborhood is fed by many subway stations.
  • making it easy to move to and from it.
  • It is only a few minutes drive from.
  • the Bosphorus Strait and its first bridge.
  • It touches several important.
  • neighborhoods and areas in Asian Istanbul.
  • such as Uskudar and Kadikoy.
  • It is also close to Metrobus and sea buses to Istanbul.
  • It has many distinctive towers.
  • that give its properties wide.
  • views of the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • the Bosphorus Strait, and the Asian forests.
  • The investment value of Atasehir real estate.
  • has grown significantly in the last five years.


Atasehir Asian Istanbul

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