Types of Apartments in Turkey

أنواع الشقق في تركيا

Apartments in Turkey belong to the residential real estate sector designed for individuals and families.

offering a wide range of options based on their quality, number of floors, size, and design. Here are different types of apartments in Turkey:


1- Residential Complex Apartments in Turkey:

  • Modern apartments built within residential complexes with various amenities such as security, parking, elevators, indoor and outdoor pools, sports facilities.
  • playgrounds, and more. They come in different layouts, starting from studio apartments (1+0) to larger configurations with multiple.
  • rooms and can vary in size from 60 to over 500 square meters.


2- Independent Building Apartments in Turkey:

  • Located in older independent buildings within neighborhoods, these apartments lack security and recreational services.
  • They might not have elevators and generally have lower-quality construction.
  • They typically include various configurations ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments.


3- Duplex Apartments in Turkey:

  • Duplex apartments consist of two floors connected by stairs or elevators within modern residential complexes.
  • They are suitable for medium to large families, with configurations starting from three rooms and a living room to six rooms and two living rooms.
  • Duplex apartments may include balconies or terraces.


4- Triplex Apartments in Turkey:

  • Similar to duplex apartments but with an additional third floor, providing larger room configurations and more space.
  • Triplex apartments often include balconies, terraces, or both, and are accessible through stairs or elevators.

5- Hotel Apartments in Turkey:

  • Offering an alternative to hotels, these apartments provide hotel-like services within modern residential complexes.
  • They are known for their high-quality construction, creative designs, and may come fully furnished. Some hotel apartments feature smart home technology.


6- Home Office Apartments in Turkey:

  • Designed to serve both residential and commercial purposes simultaneously, home office apartments blend residential and office functionalities.
  • They can be converted into either a residence or an office.


7- Loft Apartments in Turkey:

  • Loft apartments are spacious units with high ceilings and large windows. They may have an open floor plan, exposed electrical installations, and water pipes.
  • Loft apartments originated in the United States in the 1970s and were initially created by converting factories into residential spaces.


8- Penthouse Apartments in Turkey:

  • Among the most luxurious types, penthouse apartments are typically located on the top floors of high-rise buildings.
  • offering panoramic views through large glass facades. They are known for high ceilings, luxurious materials, and are generally expensive, requiring a substantial budget.
  • Apartments in Turkey are sought after by both Turkish.
  • and international buyers due to the high demand, considering the large population of over 84 million residents and nearly 40 million.
  • annual tourists visiting the country’s natural and historical attractions.


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