Web Tapu: Streamlining Real Estate Processes in Turkey

ويب طابو

Web Tapu is an electronic system designed for Turkish real estate, offering users various options to streamline property ownership processes.

It was initially launched in 2018 and gained momentum, especially during the lockdowns in 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Web Tapu Website and Application:

  • Web Tapu is an electronic system facilitating property-related tasks in Turkey, such as buying.
  • registering, and owning real estate. Users can save time and effort by handling fees, taxes, and costs through the online payment system.
  • The application was first introduced in 2018 and has seen increased usage, particularly during the pandemic.

العقارات التركية

Services Provided by Web Tapu:

  • Obtain detailed information about owned properties.
  • Allow property owners to grant permission for others to access property information through the application.
  • Electronically submit information and required documents without visiting the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate.
  • Authorize real estate agents to securely access property ownership information.
  • Apply to the land registration office.
  • Receive SMS notifications about the stages of property ownership transfer.
  • Enable land registration offices to process requests received through the Web Tapu system.
  • Complete property transactions.
  • through electronic installment payments and scheduled visits to the land registry office.
  • Create or delete advertisements for buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
  • Take measures against fraud and scams without physical presence.
  • Offer the application in multiple languages, including Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, and German.


Transactions Possible Through Web Tapu:

  1. Obtain real estate title deeds and transfer ownership through sale, donation, or inheritance.
  2. Create property maps.
  3. Establish a land registry.
  4. Handle transactions related to Ottoman documents and old record documents.
  5. Attach documents related to executed transactions and enter information.
  6. Verify and authorize external entities or specialized real estate companies.


How to Register on Web Tapu:

You can register on the Web Tapu website [here](https://webtapu.tkgm.gov.tr). The registration process differs for Turkish citizens and foreign residents.


Registration for Turkish Citizens:

  • Visit the application website: [Web Tapu](https://webtapu.tkgm.gov.tr).
  • Three login options, “Institution, Personal, Foreigners,” will appear in the upper right of the screen.
  • Turkish citizens click on “Personal” and then click on the registration option via E-Devlet (access through the Electronic Government) to ensure follow-up procedures after verifying the username and password through the electronic government system.
  • Confirm user contact information on their profile by providing a phone number and email for notifications and application tracking.


Registration for Foreign Residents:

  • Foreign residents with Turkish residency permits can log in to the Web Tapu system after accessing the official website and selecting the “Foreigners” option.
  • Click on “Register” to display the registration page and complete the registration process by entering the residence permit number.
  • passport number, or tax number, and reset the user’s password. Ensure contact information on the user profile is updated with a phone number and email.
  • for staying informed about new developments and the status of the application.

تطبيق ويب طابو

Steps for Property Ownership via Web Tapu:

The Web Tapu system offers several steps to help users securely purchase and own property in Turkey:

  1. Search for reputable real estate companies.
  2. Begin virtual property tours.
  3. Select the appropriate property.
  4. Negotiate the property price.
  5. Coordinate with banks to open accounts, sell foreign currency, and transfer the property value.
  6. Initiate property ownership transfer procedures.
  7. Receive the title deed.


The Web Tapu platform significantly simplifies real estate processes in Turkey, providing a seamless and efficient experience for users.


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