What do you know about smart home technology in Turkish real estate?

المنزل الذكي

Smart Home technology in Turkish real estate refers to the integration of advanced technological and electrical features into residential properties.

providing numerous benefits to homeowners. This modern feature has gained prominence in the real estate market in Turkey and worldwide in recent years.


Key points covered:

1- What is meant by Smart Home technology in real estate?

Smart Home technology involves integrating advanced technology and electrical systems into residential properties to enhance convenience and luxury.


2- Features of Smart Home technology:

  • Energy efficiency: Smart Homes are designed to optimize energy consumption.
  • Eco-friendly: These homes often incorporate eco-conscious features.
  • Security and safety: Enhanced security measures are a fundamental aspect.
  • Improved safety: Smart Homes offer heightened safety features.


3- Basics of Smart Home technology:

Smart Home systems typically include automated control of lighting, heating, cooling, and security.


4- Integration of Smart Home technology in Turkish real estate:

Turkish real estate has embraced Smart Home technology, offering properties with these advanced features.


5- Tips for acquiring a property with Smart Home technology:

Consider consulting with real estate experts who specialize in Smart Homes to find the right property.


  • The term “smart home feature in real estate” refers to a modern system through which a home can be fully managed using internet-connected applications.
  • This system encompasses various functionalities and devices, including surveillance cameras, sensors, energy-saving systems, and environmental conservation features.
  • This technology allows users to remotely control their homes, such as turning on and off electrical and technological devices, even when they are away.
  • Smart home technology is a contemporary innovation designed to provide diverse services for people’s daily lives.
  • offering convenience and multiple benefits like security and remote control through a downloaded mobile application.
نظام المنزل الذكي
نظام المنزل الذكي

Smart home technology offers many modern conveniences, including:


  1. Opening property doors with a dedicated card or fingerprint.
  2. Electronically controlling apartment air conditioning from outside.
  3. Automatic lighting sensors when entering.
  4. Speakers in all rooms, especially children’s rooms.
  5. Surveillance cameras in children’s rooms.
  6. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control.
  7. Security, safety, and energy efficiency.
  8. Opening and closing windows day and night.
  9. Remote control via text messages.
  10. Alerting the apartment owner to spoiled food in the fridge.
  11. Monitoring plant humidity levels and alerting for watering.
  12. Automatically activating air conditioning based on temperature.
  13. Automatically closing windows when using air conditioning or high temperatures.
  14. Notifying the homeowner of daily newspaper delivery.
  15. Turning off apartment lights during home cinema or when leaving.
  16. Alerting the homeowner of intrusion attempts.
  17. Automatic emergency alerts when outside during emergencies.
  18. Summoning police and fire services automatically during house fires.
  19. Differentiating between a wandering vendor and a burglar trying to break in through surveillance cameras.


Energy Conservation:

The sensors in the smart home system automatically operate lighting when entering a room and turn it off when leaving, in addition to controlling.

air conditioning or heating based on weather conditions and temperatures. Furthermore, it includes the ability to shut down.

many devices and systems when leaving the house or when they are not needed.


Environmentally Friendly:

The smart home system contributes to environmental preservation by relying on solar energy as a primary source.

as well as reducing the use of fuel and electricity to prevent environmental pollution.


Providing Protection and Security:

Multi-function sensors operate at doors, windows, and inside rooms to provide maximum security.


Enhanced Safety Levels:

The smart home system is compatible with the highest levels of safety and security through fire detection sensors.

that contact the civil defense or fire department in case of fire, in addition to alerting to the presence of spoiled food in the refrigerator.


Smart Home Technology Essentials:

  • Internal audio system
  • Surveillance protection systems
  • Smart locks
  • Smart lighting units
  • Remote sensors
  • Smart home technology management software


Embedding Turkish real estate into the smart home system:


The last decade has witnessed the integration of smart home systems into Turkish real estate through.

the efforts of Turkish construction and contracting companies, particularly within modern residential complexes.

These systems offer numerous advantages and convenience to users, providing various technological services.


Important tips for acquiring a property with smart home technology:


  1. Smart home systems enhance the property’s value and can be relatively costly for potential property buyers.
  2. Repairs and maintenance of smart home technology require specialized teams due to the complexity of troubleshooting electrical devices, unlike regular technicians.
  3. High-speed internet access is essential since smart home systems heavily rely on it.


Smart home technology is no longer just a secondary or recreational matter; it has become a necessity in modern living.

We strongly advise you, from the outset, to consider purchasing an apartment that includes smart home features. These features can also be added later, but at a higher cost.

تقنية المنزل الذكي
تقنية المنزل الذكي

Request property experts from the Golden Group for Real Estate Consultations to provide you with offers for apartments that offer smart home technology.

Visit them in person and learn about their advantages, benefits, and costs before proceeding with the purchase of such apartments

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