Top tourist attractions in the Turkish city Trabzon

مناطق طرابزون

Trabzon, a city in northern Turkey, is renowned for its lush greenery and vast stretches along the Black Sea coastline, which gives it a moderate climate.

The city offers numerous tourist attractions that draw visitors from around the world.

Trabzon, holds exceptional tourist value due to its location combining the blue sea and greenery.

attracting those seeking moderate climates to escape summer heat and winter cold all year round.

Trabzon also boasts numerous historical and natural tourist sites.

making it a destination for visitors from within and outside Turkey to enjoy its landmarks up close.


Winter tourism in Trabzon:

Winter tourism in Trabzon begins with snowfall in December every year.

lasting until March. Snowfall sometimes continues intensely for a whole week or two.

Trabzon attracts winter tourism lovers to engage in sports like skiing and snowball throwing.

summer tourism in Trabzon:

As for the summer tourism season, Trabzon’s Black Sea climate makes it warm and humid with an average temperature of 26.7°C.

The summer is one of the most popular seasons for visitors from around the world to explore Trabzon’s attractions.



Sumela Monastery:

  • One of the most important tourist sites in Turkey, attracting history and beauty enthusiasts.
  • It consists of a collection of houses and a maze of rooms, built remarkably as if it’s part of the mountain, situated on a steep slope with a narrow valley below.
  • It offers a charming and beautiful view of forests and mountains.
  • Sumela Monastery was constructed in 386 AD, located 48 km south of Trabzon on a special site at an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level, overlooking the Machka region.


Calkoy Cave:

  • Located 47 km away from the city of Trabzon, it is the second longest cave in the world with discovered passages of about 8 km.
  • It is famous for its limestone rocks with formations like stalactites and stalagmites that have developed over hundreds of years, as well as lakes and small waterfalls.
  • There is a stunning waterfall at the entrance of the cave.


Trabzon Sports Museum:

  • It tells the story of Turkey’s sports teams’ history and displays all the awards earned by the Trabzon team.
  • along with comprehensive information about it. The museum also houses memorabilia of some players, their jerseys, and footballs used in important matches played by the team.


Cevdet Sunay Museum:

  • This museum was once the residence of former Turkish President Cevdet Sunay.
  • The house was renovated in 1982 and opened to visitors in 2001, showcasing personal belongings of the Turkish president.


Atatürk Pavilion Museum:

  • Consisting of three floors, this museum is situated on a hill in the city.
  • During Atatürk’s visit to the city, the royal family donated the palace, which was built in 1903 by Greek architect Constantine.
  • following the architectural style of Black Sea region buildings in Crimea. It includes gardens and antique furniture pieces from the early 20th century.


Trabzon Historical Museum:

  • Located on Uzun Street (Long Street), it’s a beautifully adorned palace built in the early 20th century.
  • It displays archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, sculptures from the region’s history, valuable items, and gold.

Trabzon Castle:

  • It is an Ottoman fortress overlooking Trabzon and the sea shore.
  • The castle was built on foundations dating back to the Byzantines.
  • using stones from previous historical structures. Trabzon Castle is divided into three sections: “Upper Castle, Middle Castle, Lower Castle.”
قلعة طرابزون
قلعة طرابزون

Major shopping centers in Trabzon:

  • Forum Trabzon Mall
  • Long Bazaar
  • Trabzon Cevahir Mall
  • Varlıbaş Trabzon Mall
  • Kemeralti Market


Turkey ranks among the world’s top tourist destinations, attracting over 40 million visitors annually from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

They use its air, land, and sea borders to explore its tourist attractions, including palaces.

castles, bridges, mosques, churches, towers, seas, beaches, lakes, forests, and other landmarks that Turkey is proud of.

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