Most Famous Tourist Areas in the Turkish City Sakarya

مدينة سكاريا

Sakarya, Turkey’s city, stands out as one of the top tourist destinations due to its natural beauty, pleasant climate.

and diverse recreational activities. It attracts millions of tourists annually seeking enjoyable experiences.


Touristic advantages of Sakarya:

  • Sakarya boasts several natural advantages that make it a desirable destination for tourism and investment:
  • It shares geographical features, terrain, and climate with Istanbul.
  • It offers a clean green environment and breathtaking nature alongside the Sea of Marmara.
  • Providing a tranquil and residential atmosphere, it serves as a getaway from crowded cities.
  • It acts as a retreat for Istanbul residents, especially during holidays.


Famous tourist areas in Sakarya:

Sakarya features numerous historical and natural tourist spots, such as:

1- Historical sites in Sakarya:

  • Justinian Bridge: A historical bridge over the Sakarya River built during the Byzantine era.
  • Harmanite Castle: Ancient ruins dating back to the 12th century, built by the Byzantines.
  • Kuzuluk Thermal Area: Home to hot springs used for natural treatments.
  • Sakarya Historical Museum: Displays Byzantine-era tombs, Roman artifacts, and more.


2-Natural parks in Sakarya:

  • Ozonkum Park: Located by Lake Sapanca, it offers panoramic views and relaxation.
  • Kartepe Park: Situated in the city center, it houses a children’s train and various attractions.
  • Sakarya Park: A public park known for its green spaces and recreational facilities.
منازل سكاريا
منازل سكاريا

3-Waterfalls and lakes in Sakarya:

  • Maidan Waterfalls: Along the Karsu River, surrounded by beautiful forests and caves.
  • Maşukiye Waterfalls: Situated among hillside restaurants, leading to Mount Kartbaba.
  • Sakarya River Waterfalls: Stretching along the Sakarya River, featuring several medium-sized waterfalls.
  • Lake Sapanca: A famous tourist destination near Sakarya, known for its large size and surrounding greenery.

Investing in Sakarya’s tourism real estate:

  • Sakarya is just an hour’s drive from Istanbul, known for its diverse tourism and natural beauty.
  • Major Turkish construction companies have built modern real estate complexes.
  • including various residential and investment options such as apartments, hotels, villas, and commercial shops.
  • These properties are attractive to investors due to their proximity to Lake Sapanca and Mount Kartbaba, which draw tourists in both summer and winter.
  • Sakarya’s real estate offers significant investment opportunities and guaranteed profitability due to its location, services, and high demand for housing.

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