10 Reasons to Apply for Turkish Citizenship 2024

Turkish citizenship

Despite the Turkish citizenship law for foreigners being enacted at the beginning of 2017 and subsequent amendments, the demand for Turkish citizenship persists due to its internal and external advantages and the strength of the Turkish passport.


Reasons for the Ongoing Demand for Turkish Citizenship:

The Turkish citizenship attracts nationals of various nationalities, both Arab and foreign, for the following reasons:

Turkish citizenship
Turkish citizenship


1-Diverse Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship can be acquired through various means, including purchasing property, depositing funds, buying bonds, investing in Turkey, marriage to a Turkish citizen, adoption, proving Turkish or Ottoman heritage, or through exceptional citizenship nomination by the Turkish Ministry of the Interior.


2-Strength of the Turkish Passport

The Turkish passport ranks high globally, allowing its holders visa-free travel to 110 countries.


3-Weakness of the Applicant’s Current Citizenship

Some individuals seek Turkish citizenship due to the limitations or weaknesses of their existing nationality.


4-Stability in Turkey

Turkey has enjoyed political, military, economic, and security stability for over three decades, attracting tourists, investors, and those seeking a more stable home.


5-Strength of the Turkish Economy

Turkey’s strong economy is based on quality industries, international trade, and exports to over 200 countries, along with its membership in the G20 group of major economies.


6-Quality of Education in Turkey

Turkey is known for the quality of education provided in its government, Arabic, and international schools, and its universities consistently rank among the world’s best.


7-Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship offers various benefits, including health and social security, the ability to own government housing projects restricted to Turkish citizens, property ownership in different Turkish regions, access to the powerful Turkish passport, discounted and free transportation cards, and lifelong pensions for the elderly, among others.

Turkish citizenship
Turkish citizenship


8-Equality in Turkey

Turkish law and its constitution treat all Turkish citizens equally, whether they are of Turkish origin or foreign nationals who have gained Turkish citizenship.


9-preference to Live in Turkey over Europe

Many people, particularly from Arab countries, prefer Turkey as a home over European nations due to cultural and religious commonalities and respect for different religious and ethnic groups.


10-The Possibility of Holding Dual Citizenship

Turkish law does not prevent individuals from holding multiple nationalities, including their original citizenship and Turkish citizenship.


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