the need for a Certificate of Nationality in the citizenship file

Nationality proof document

The requirement for a Certificate of Nationality may vary depending on the nationality of the individual applying for Turkish citizenship. Not all nationalities are required to provide this document. The document is requested when the nationality of the applicant is not explicitly mentioned in their passport. Here is the information translated into English:


When is a Certificate of Nationality Requested in Turkish Citizenship Applications?

The required documents for obtaining Turkish citizenship vary depending on the method through which the application is made, such as Turkish citizenship through property purchase or Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit, among other methods. The documents can be categorized into two types: investment-related documents specific to the type of investment and personal documents for the investor, including a passport, photos, and more.

Algerian passport
Algerian passport


Personal Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application:

Regardless of the type of investment or the method used for citizenship application, there are specific personal documents that must be submitted. These include:

  •  A passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  •  Entry stamp to Turkey.
  •  A translated and notarized copy of the investor’s passport in the Turkish language.
  •  The taxpayer identification number of the investor.
  •  Written consent from the spouse to grant Turkish citizenship to both the spouse and the children.
  •  Translated and notarized copies of family members’ passports.
  •  Personal photos of the investor and their family.


Certificate of Nationality:

The Certificate of Nationality is a specific document required from certain foreign nationalities. This document is requested when the applicant’s passport does not explicitly state their nationality. It becomes an essential document that must be provided as part of the Turkish citizenship application process.


How to Obtain a Certificate of Nationality:

There are two methods to obtain a Certificate of Nationality:

1. Contact the consulate or embassy of the applicant’s home country in Turkey and request the document. It should be authenticated by the relevant foreign representation, then by the local governorship, translated into Turkish, and notarized by a Turkish notary. Finally, it is attached to the citizenship application file.

2. Contact the Civil Registration Directorate or Passport Office in the home country, request the Certificate of Nationality, have it authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country, send it by mail to the applicant’s address in Turkey, and have it authenticated by the relevant consulate. Afterward, it should be translated into Turkish and notarized by a Turkish notary.

Yemeni passport
Yemeni passport


Prominent Nationalities Requiring the Certificate:

Yemeni and Algerian citizens are among the foreign nationalities that do not have their nationality explicitly mentioned in their passports, necessitating the issuance of a Certificate of Nationality. This document is a crucial requirement and must be included in the Turkish citizenship application file.

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