Advantages of the Turkish passport for the year 2024

جواز السفر التركي

The Turkish passport for 2024 is ranked 49 according to the Henley Global Passport Index, placing it ahead of many countries globally.

The index measures passport strength based on the countries allowing entry without a visa, through electronic visas, or airport visas.



Advantages of the Turkish Passport 2024:


The Turkish passport for 2024 offers several advantages, including:


  • Travel to 116 countries worldwide without the need for a pre-approved visa.
  • Simplification of the residence permit process in Turkey, avoiding annual renewal hassles and costs.
  • Travel to and from Turkey at any time without specific requirements.
  • Full citizenship rights in Turkey, including Turkish ID and passport.
  • Stable living conditions in Turkey economically, politically, and socially.
  • Access to social and health security programs in Turkey.
  • Ensuring a better present and future for children in a developed industrial, educational, and tourist-friendly country.
  • Lower passport acquisition costs with the option to choose validity between 6 months and 10 years.
  • Pension for life for seniors (60 years and above) to live with dignity.
  • Free lifetime transportation card for seniors.


Countries Allowing Entry Without Visa for Turkish Passport Holders:


Turkish passport holders can travel to 71 countries worldwide without the need for a pre-approved travel visa The image below lists the names of these countries:


  1. Albania.
  2. Antigua and Barbud.
  3. Uzbekistan.
  4. Ukraine.
  5. Argentina.
  6. Iran.
  7. Jordan.
  8. Uruguay.
  9. Ecuador.
  10. Brazil.
  11. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  12. El Salvador,.
  13. Gabon.
  14. Morocco.
  15. the Philippines
  16. Japan.
  17. Paraguay.
  18. Barbados.
  19. Brunei
  20. Belize.
  21. Panama.
  22. Botswana.
  23. Bolivia.
  24. Peru
  25. Thailand.
    Trinidad and Tobago.
  26. Chile.
  27. Tunisia.
  28. Jamaica.
  29. Bahamas.
  30. British Virgin Islands.
  31. Turks and Caicos Island.
  32. Cook Islands.
  33. Dominica.
  34. South Africa.
  35. Georgia.
  36. Dominica.
  37. Belarus.
  38. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  39. Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  40. Saint Lucia.
  41. Sao Tome and Principe.
  42. Singapore.
  43. Swaziland.
  44. Suriname
  45. Serbia.
  46. Tajikistan.
  47. Gambia.
  48. Guatemala.
  49. Equatorial Guinea.
  50. Vanuatu.
  51. Venezuela.
  52. Fiji.
  53. Kyrgyzstan.
  54. Kazakhstan.
  55. Costa Rica.
  56. Kosovo.
  57. Colombia.
  58. Macau.
  59. Malaysia.
  60. North Macedonia.
  61. Mongolia.
  62. Mauritius.
  63. Micronesia.
  64. Nicaragua.
  65. Haiti.
  66. Honduras.
  67. Hong Kong


مزايا جواز السفر التركي
مزايا جواز السفر التركي

Countries Allowing Entry with Airport Visa for Turkish Passport Holders:


There are 40 countries worldwide that grant Turkish passport holders a visa upon arrival at airports.

These countries include:


  1. Armenia.
  2. Indonesia.
  3. Cape Verde.
  4. Senegal.
  5. Sudan.
  6. Somalia.
  7. Kuwait.
  8. Maldives.
  9. Palau.
  10. Bangladesh.
  11. Burkina Faso.
  12. Burundi.
  13. Taiwan.
  14. Tanzania.
  15. Togo.
  16. Tuvalu.
  17. Tonga.
  18. East Timor.
  19. Comoros.
  20. Marshall Islands.
  21. Rwanda.
  22. Zambia.
  23. Zimbabwe.
  24. Samoa.
  25. Oman.
  26. Sierra Leone.
  27. Seychelles.
  28. Guinea-Bissau.
  29. Qatar.
  30. Cambodia.
  31. Laos.
  32. Lebanon.
  33. Libya.
  34. Madagascar.
  35. Egypt.
  36. Mauritania.
  37. Mozambique.
  38. Namibia.
  39. Nepal,


Countries Allowing Entry with Electronic Travel Authorization for Turkish Passport Holders:


Four countries grant Turkish citizens electronic travel authorization:


  1. Mexico.
  2. Pakistan.
  3. Sri Lanka.
  4. South Korea.
الجواز التركي
الجواز التركي

Countries Allowing Entry with Electronic Visa for Turkish Passport Holders:


Turkish passport holders can apply for an electronic visa to visit 22 countries, including:


  1. Ethiopia.
  2. Australia.
  3. Uganda.
  4. the UAE.
  5. Bahrain.
  6. Cameroon.
  7. Benin.
  8. Bhutan.
  9. Burma.
  10. Congo.
  11. Sudan.
  12. Ivory Coast.
  13. Djibouti0
  14. Russia.
  15. Ivory Coast.
  16. Saint Helena.
  17. Guinea.
  18. Kenya.
  19. Lesotho.
  20. Malawi.
  21. Montserrat.


How to Obtain a Turkish Passport?


Turkish passports are granted upon acquiring Turkish citizenship, which can be obtained through.

various methods such as property ownership, bank deposit.

general investment, purchasing stocks,.

buying government bonds, individual retirement fund deposit.

establishing a company, working in Turkey for eight years, marrying a Turkish citizen, proving Turkish and Ottoman roots.

adoption, and exceptional Turkish citizenship granted by the Ministry of Interior.


Can Family Members of the Naturalized Individual Obtain a Turkish Passport?


The candidate, along with their spouse and children under 18, can obtain Turkish citizenship.


The importance of acquiring Turkish citizenship and enjoying the benefits of the advanced-ranked Turkish passport is emphasized.

especially by nationals from weaker countries, both Arab and foreign, seeking Turkish citizenship.


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