Inquiries Regarding Turkish Citizenship for Foreigners

الجنسية التركية عبر التملك

Golden Group Investment, with its extensive experience.

aims to provide comprehensive insights into the legal procedures, especially regarding Turkish citizenship.



‏Methods to Obtain Turkish Citizenship:


‏1-Turkish Citizenship through Investment:

  • ‏Purchase property valued at a minimum of $400,000, with a commitment not to sell for 3 years.
  • ‏Deposit $500,000 into any Turkish bank, with a condition of no withdrawal for 3 years.
  • ‏Deposit $500,000 in the Individua


‏Retirement Fund and maintain it for 3 years.

Purchase government bonds worth $500,000 and hold them for 3 years.

Establish a company, employ 50 Turkish workers, and refrain from laying off any for 3 years.


‏2-Turkish Citizenship through Marriage:

‏ Marriage to a Turkish citizen allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship after 3 years, acquiring the Turkish family book.


3-Turkish Citizenship through Adoption:

‏ Turkish couples can adopt a foreign child under 18 years old, granting them Turkish citizenship.


4-Turkish Citizenship through Ancestry:

‏  Citizenship is granted to those proving Turkish or Ottoman ancestry through official documents.

الجنسية التركية
الجنسية التركية

‏ 5- Exceptional Turkish Citizenship:

‏ Since 2016, the Turkish government has granted exceptional citizenship to some Syrian refugees, especially those with scientific and academic qualifications.


‏6-Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Ownership:

  • ‏Notarized property purchase contract.
  • ‏ Property deed (mortgage or full ownership).
  • ‏ Property valuation report (valid for 3 months).
  • ‏Document equivalent to Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.
  • Tax number of the investor.
  • ‏Foreign currency sale receipt to the Turkish Central Bank.
  • ‏Receipt of the property value transfer in Turkish lira to the Turkish seller’s account.
  • ‏ Valid passport with a translated and notarized copy.
  • ‏ Family statement for all family members (spouse and children under 18).
  • ‏ Wife’s approval or rejection.
  • ‏ Four recent passport photos for all family members.


‏7-Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship through Bank Deposit:

  • Bank certificate indicating a $500,000 deposit reserved for 3 years.
  • ‏Regulatory and supervisory banking authority report for compliance verification.
  • ‏Document compliant with Turkish citizenship requirements.
  • ‏Marital status (single/married).
  • ‏Passports for the investor, spouse, and children under 18, with translated and notarized copies.
  • ‏ Wife’s approval or rejection.



‏8-Can an Agency Handle Turkish Citizenship Application Procedures?


Yes, a legal proxy prepared by the notary’s employee is valid for all naturalization steps.

except for the investor’s residence permit, which must be applied for by the direct applicant.


‏9-Can the Spouse and Children of the Investor Obtain Turkish Citizenship based on Investments?

‏Yes, the person obtaining citizenship can grant it to their spouse and children under 18.

الهوية التركية
الهوية التركية

‏10-Can the Property be Sold After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship?


‏The investor must retain the property for a minimum of 3 years.

After this period, the investor has the option to sell the property while retaining Turkish citizenship for a lifetime.



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