Reasons for Rejecting Turkish Citizenship Applications for Investors

الجنسية التركية

According to the Turkish Ministry of Interior and the Presidency of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, around 2% of Turkish citizenship applications through investment are rejected.

What are the reasons for these rejections, and does buying property or pursuing other methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship not guarantee it?


حالات سحب الجنسية التركية
حالات سحب الجنسية التركية

Reasons for Rejecting Turkish Citizenship for Investors:

There are five main reasons for authorities to reject Turkish citizenship applications through investment. These reasons are as follows:


Deficiency in Submitted Documents:  It is known that a Turkish citizenship application must include various personal documents from the investor, as well as supporting documents and receipts to prove their investments in Turkey. If there is any deficiency in these documents, the application is rejected, and the applicant is given 30 days to complete the file. The Gold Group for Investment in Turkey advises cooperation with a company that can organize the application file and ensure all required documents are provided to obtain approval from the first attempt.


  Proof of Document Forgery:

Some investors or unlicensed companies may resort to fraud in Turkey by claiming that they can grant Turkish citizenship to investors with investments lower than the legal requirements. They might forge documents and present them to Turkish authorities. When forgery is discovered, the application is rejected, and the investor is expelled from Turkey, with the possibility of a certain period of imprisonment determined by Turkish courts.


  Non-Alignment of Investments with Turkish Citizenship Requirements:

Each type of Turkish citizenship has its specific conditions. Compliance with all required conditions is essential because non-alignment, such as the property.

value or the seller’s nationality, could negatively impact the Turkish citizenship application and result in rejection.


  Links to Suspicious Relations and Anti-Turkey Organizations:

As part of the various stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through different methods, there is a thorough security investigation stage.

If an applicant is found to be involved in terrorist activities, organizations, or countries hostile to Turkey, the application is rejected, and there may be a judicial order for their arrest.


  Posing a Threat to Turkish National Security:

In the same fourth stage of Turkish citizenship acquisition through various methods, it is determined whether the applicant poses a threat to Turkish national security through their affiliations.

Depending on the findings, the application is either accepted or rejected.

سحب الجنسية التركية
سحب الجنسية التركية

What Is Meant by the Term “Right to Obtain Turkish Citizenship”?

One of the legal terms in Turkish citizenship law is that investment through the stipulated pathways in the “Citizenship for Investment” program grants the “right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

” This means that direct investment does not guarantee Turkish citizenship immediately.

It grants the right to apply for citizenship, and the application is subject to review by authorities. In case any of the above-mentioned conditions are met, the application is rejected.


The Gold Group for Investment in Turkey recommends contacting them if you wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or banking deposit.

They can help prepare your Turkish citizenship application file, ensuring all the required documents are included for a successful application


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