transportation cards in Türkiye

Transportation in Türkiye

transportation cards in Türkiye/ Turkey intends to embark on.

a new phase in the world of transportation, as the countdown has begun to implement new amendments to this vital sector.

The Turkish media quoted the Director General of.

the Turkish Post Corporation (PTT), Hakan Gulten, as announcing these expected amendments.

New transportation card in Türkiye:

  • The country witnessed the organization of an.
  • event at the stamp museum of the postal company PTT
  • Director General Hakan Gulten made،  important statements.
  • about new amendments affecting، the public transportation sector.
  • The Turkish official pointed out his organization’s goal.
  • to expand the update to Turkey’s card application.
  • to more than 50% of Turkish cities by.
  • the end of the current year 2024.
  • The new transportation card will be applied to.
  • all Turkish cities by next year 2025.
  • The Turkish media believes that these statements indicate.
  • a comprehensive، transformation in the reality.
  • of transportation and، public transportation in Türkiye.

transportation cards in Türkiyeالمترو في تركيا

A unified card for public transportation in Türkiye:

  • The PTT General Manager added that the project.
  • being developed is based on the needs of users.
  • Pointing out that the use of different. cards between  ، Turkish cities and states.
  • constitutes a burden on public transportation passengers.
  • These burdens will be، completely eliminated by using.
  • the new comprehensive، transportation card for all 81 Turkish cities.
  • Stressing that the Turkish transportation، card project.
  • is considered a system that.
  • combines public transportation cards.
  • It allows users to benefit from all means.
  • of transportation in all cities via one card.

transportation cards in Türkiye

The new transportation card in Türkiye is a comprehensive card:

  • According to official statements.
  • the new card will include 81 states in Turkey.
  • which will provide users with ease of movement.
  • and get rid of the burden of a large number of cards.
  • At the same time, the Director.
  • General of the Turkish Post said that.
  • the new card will not prevent local municipalities.
  • from issuing their own cards as needed.
  • Türkiye aims to provide broader services to users of public transportation.
  •  This Turkish transportation card will also
  •    contribute to supporting the Turkish economy.

transportation cards in Türkiye

Cancellation of public transportation cards: 

  • Hakan Gulten also stated that the country.
  • will not be limited to issuing.
  • physical cards only.
  • but will also.
  • support payment via.
  • QR code and mobile phone.
  • It is also expected in
  • the near future to include.
  • other cards in Türkiye’s cards and then cancel their use.




Turkish media.



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