The most important things that Turkish states and cities are famous for

Turkish cities

The most important things that Turkish states Türkiye enjoys wide international fame at all levels, especially tourism, due to.

the diversity and abundance of natural and historical tourist places.


The population of Türkiye, according to the latest statistics issued by.

the Turkish population for the year 2024, reaches 85 million people.


More than 40 million tourists from different countries of the world visit Türkiye annually.


What are the cities in Türkiye famous for?

  • Türkiye is divided into 81 provinces
  • Each state consists of several cities, regions, and municipalities
  • Most of the Turkish states are distributed across the continent of Asia
  • The western states are located on the European continent
  • Each state is famous for its landmarks or things that we may not find in another state.



  • Bosphorus Strait: A waterway linking the Marmara and Black Seas and separating the continents of Europe and Asia
  • Belgrade’s parks and forests: an outlet for the people of Istanbul, with large areas reaching the banks of the Black Sea
  • Asian forests: They consist of several forests, such as Beykoz, Aydos, and Sultan Sheftli, and extend over large areas
  • Buyukcekmece Lake: It is located west of European Istanbul and is connected to the Sea of ​​Marmara
  • Kucukcekmece Lake: It is located in the middle of European Istanbul and is connected to the Sea of ​​Marmara.

from which the Istanbul Water Canal project will be launched, which will be a second Bosphorus for the city.

  • Sultanahmet area: It was once a horse track in the era of the Byzantine Empire.

and today it has turned into a tourist attraction that includes.

the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Topkapi Museum, and others.

  • Golden Horn Bay: It is a horn-shaped waterway connected to.

the Bosphorus Strait and can be navigated over it via three bridges.

  • Mina Turk: A museum that displays Turkish and international tourist attractions in the form of small models.
  • Galata Tower: One of the city’s most famous landmarks and one of its most.

prominent symbols. It is located in Beyoğlu and overlooks the Bosphorus Strait.

  • Girls Tower: It is located in the heart of the Bosphorus Strait near the Sea of ​​Marmara.

and is administratively affiliated with the Uskudar region.

  • Vialand: One of the largest and most important entertainment attractions and game cities in Istanbul

The most important things that Turkish states



  • Ataturk Mausoleum: It is known in Turkish as “Anitkabir”, and it contains the founder of.

the Turkish state and its first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is considered a national symbol.

  • The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations: displays valuable archaeological collections.

including those dating back to prehistory and BC, in addition to artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages.

  • Ankara Castle: An important historical landmark, but the date of its construction is not known.

Ancient civilizations used the castle to protect the city.

  • Ankara Gardens: Known for their beauty, vibrant nature and elaborate agricultural architecture of trees.

plants and flowers.

  • Ankara Aquarium: A world of marine creatures that can be viewed through glass facades under the sea.

which includes fish, whales, sharks and other marine animals.

·       Wonderland Park An integrated entertainment city.for adults and children that includes sports fields and venues For young people and addition to theaters, cinemas and sculpted cartoon characters

  • Atakule Tower: A prominent tourist landmark in the city.

designated to be a shopping center that includes major Turkish and international brands.


  • The historic city of Kaleiçi: It includes several mosques, churches, and ancient.

heritage buildings dating back to ancient civilizations. Today, they have been transformed into residential homes.

and some mosques and churches remain as they are as places of worship.

  • Lara Sandy Beach: One of the most important beaches of the Turkish tourism capital.

known for its blue water, cleanliness, golden sand, and tourist facilities.

  • Duden Falls: It is one of the wonders of nature. as its pure blue waters descend from a high altitude in a breathtaking view.
  • Antalya Aquarium: A city of marine animals that can be viewed through a glass corridor.

which includes fish, whales, sharks, and others.

  • Koprulu Valley: It is famous for its Roman ruins, which still remain today.

It is home to wild animals, especially deer, bears, rabbits, and goats, and is frequented by water sports and camping enthusiasts.

  • Antalya Museum: It displays antiquities of ancient civilizations, some of which date back more than 3,000 years.



  • The historic city of Ephesus: This city dating back thousands of years is famous for its archaeological monuments that remain today.
  • The House of the Virgin Mary: The Virgin Mary, the mother of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon them.

lived in this house in her last days.

  • Izmir’s marine bays.
  • Aegean Sea beaches.

The most important things that Turkish states


  • Uludag Mountain: The most important natural landmark in Bursa with a high peak.

which includes a ski and winter sports center.

  • Bursa Cable Car: It connects the top of Uludag Mountain to the city of Bursa.
  • Bursa Baths: These baths belong to several civilizations, including the Ottoman, Roman, and Byzantine.
  • Bursa Mosques: They are known for their splendor and the beauty of their designs inside and out.

which gives a greater feeling of reverence and closeness to God Almighty.

  • Iskender kebab.
  • Turkish shawarma.



  • Ardahan cheese: This Turkish state is famous for its manufacture and export to.

other states and several countries around the world.



  • Dried mountain figs: The best yellow figs in the world, grown without the use of pesticides.

and produced using traditional agricultural methods, with a natural and delicious taste.



·       The Girl’s Castle in Mersin: It contains a story about a girl, the daughter of a king.whose father built this castle for her in the sea for fear that she would die from a snake bite if she stayed in the city. but the snake reached her and bit her in her castle, causing her to die.

  • Agricultural production: especially citrus fruits and bananas.
  • Meat pie.
  • Tantoni dish

The most important things that Turkish states



  • An Arab character indicating the city’s historical origin
  • Fishing places
  • Restaurants spread across the sea
  • Hatay Kunafa



  • Uzungol Village and Lake: with charming nature and sparkling waters.
  • Trabzon Port: It plays a prominent role in the city’s economy in terms of import.

and export to dozens of countries around the world.

  • Trabzon Tea: Trabzon is known for its many tea plantations and the production of one of the finest types of Turkish tea.
  • Production of honey and hazelnuts.



  • A city with a shared Arab-Turkish cultural character.
  • Production of Aleppo pistachios in Entebbe.
  • Turkish baklava.




  • Pamuk Kaleh: In Arabic, Cotton Castle is a tourist area located at the top of a mountain.

and its ground resembles soap foam, bright white snow, or cotton.



  • The Land of Cherry: This city is famous for producing sweet cherry fruits.
  • Production of jams and juices.
  • The Stone Mosque.



  • Canakkale Bridge: In Arabic, Çanakkale is the city that witnessed one of the most important.

Turkish battles that took place in the world in 1915, so the bridge is named after the city.

  • Tomato dish with cheese.



  • Lake Urfa: According to narratives, this lake was a fire that would burn the Prophet Abraham.

peace be upon him, before it turned into a fish lake that remains today.

  • Orfali kebab.



  • Bingöl Fields: One of the largest fields and orchards that witness important agricultural production in Turkish cities.



  • Sirakia Falls



  • Adana Kebab: Adana Kebab competes with Urfa Kebab and they differ as to which one is the origin of the kebab.
  • The people of the city get angry quickly.


  • Yoghurt drink (Ayran).



  • Ertugrul City: The father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Ertugrul, was born there




  • Beyazid Health Complex: The first hospital for treating psychiatric illnesses in the world.
  • it was opened in the era of the Ottoman Sultan Beyazid II, at a time when Europe was treating its psychiatric patients with shocks and torture.
  • Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire before the conquest of Istanbul.
  • Fried and grilled liver.



  • Production of milk and its derivatives, especially delicious yellow cheese.



  • Fala Valley.
  • Elga Waterfall.
  • Kedros Bay.
  • Koura Mountains Historical Park and Garden.
  • Ilgaz Duruk Tourist Center.



  • Kayseri Castle
  • Kılıçıoğlu Mosque
  • He betrayed the minister
  • The underground city of Agirnas
  • Betsy Park
  • Dried and cured meats.


  • The city of five minarets: Sharifiya, Kalalti, Olu Meydan, Gokmeydan, Camilleri.



  • Lake Abant.
  • The Seven Lake.



  • Water cave.



  • The nibble Grilled (lalabbi).




  • Khan Hassan Pasha
  • Khan Sokloko
  • Ongozlu Bridge
  • Diyarbakir watermelon



  • Turkish folk dabke



  • Tulum cheese

The most important things that Turkish states


  • Hasankeyf historical area.



  • Amasra Castle.


  • Delicious Amasya apples.



  • Kebab ha (lamb).



  • Pipe statue.




  • Hazelnut cultivation and production.



  • Weeping tulip.



  • Pestil or stack sweets



  • Cultivation and production of apricots.



  • The famous Trojan horse
  • Rose cultivation.



  • Kahramanmaraş ice cream.



  • Safranbolu Ottoman Houses



  • Kerman sheep.



  • Weapons Museum
  • Weapons manufacturing laboratories



  • Dubonis Cave.



  • Statue of Ahi Ifrane


  • Production and manufacture of quilts and sleeping covers.



  • The city of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, who is loved by millions of Turks and Muslims.



  • Kutahya Chinese dishes.



  • Dried apricots.




  • Cooking stuffed ribs.



  • Adhesive putty.



  • Marmaris city
  • Fethiye city



  • Locally manufactured Afyon cream.



  • Mount Agri, the highest mountain in Türkiye.



  • Ihlar Valley



  • Malaz Kurd Plain, named after the historical battle that took place there



  • Cappadocia tourist city
  • Cappadocia balloons
  • Jinn cities and chimneys



  • Huge mountains.



  • Hazelnut industry



  • Rize tea
  • Birthplace of Turkish President Regep Tayyip Erdogan.



  • Local pistachio production.



  • meat balls.



  • Ataturk Monument.



  • Burian kebab


  • Historic Sinop Prison



  • Sivas dog

The most important things that Turkish states


  • Cooking kofta



  • Mamousin Cemetery



  • Grape leaves.



  • Monzor Valley Gardens


Van City

  • Cats with two different eye colors.



  • Ushak blankets.




  • Termal Resorts For springs and hot water.



  • Kebab jars.



  • Coal mines.

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