Investing in Turkish Office Real Estate

Offices in Türkiye

1-Office Real Estate in Turkey:

  • Office real estate in Turkey is a commercial property type designed as offices suitable for business, investment, and company operations.
  • Usually situated within buildings dedicated to offices or within residential and commercial complexes in major cities, these offices accommodate various types of trade.
  • including domestic and international commerce such as import and export.


2- Advantages of Office Real Estate in Turkey:

  • High demand for Turkish office properties due to their strategic locations, quality of construction, and internal details.
  • Offices in Turkey are often constructed without internal divisions, allowing investors to customize them with walls that suit office spaces and corporate identity.
  • Turkish office properties are a suitable choice for Turkish and foreign companies established in Turkey seeking dedicated headquarters.
  • Striking designs both internally and externally, with glass facades that align with global office property trends.
  • Clear construction quality, attention to detail, and the use of durable materials to withstand continuous use by managers, employees, and maintenance workers.

العقارات المكتبية في تركيا

3- Factors Determining Prices of Office Real Estate in Turkey:

Several factors influence the prices of office real estate, including:

  • Location: Proximity to landmarks and vital areas within the city directly impacts the price. The closer to city landmarks, the higher the value.
  • Area: Prices increase for office properties surrounded by public facilities such as hospitals, schools, malls, and transportation networks.
  • Construction Quality: The value of the property rises with higher construction costs and the use of quality building materials.
  • Property Location within the Building: If an office property is within a building specifically designed for offices, its value is higher than other office properties. Additionally, its location within the building matters.
  • View from the Property: Despite being a commercial property, companies prefer offices overlooking Istanbul’s vibrant landmarks, scenic areas, or major roads.
  • Building Age: The age of the building plays a role in determining its price. Newer buildings generally have higher prices compared to older ones.
  • Services: Companies prefer office properties with minimum services, including security, surveillance cameras, parking spaces, and card access.


4- Real Estate Investment in Turkish Office Properties:


  • With increasing demand and a rising percentage of foreign companies establishing themselves in Turkey in the past decade, there has been a growing investment focus on office properties.
  • Owning office real estate in Turkey for investment, through leasing to major Turkish and international companies, proves highly profitable. Large companies often pay rent well in advance for several months and seek long-term lease contracts, sometimes up to ten years.
  • This commercial property yields returns that facilitate timely rental payment for investors, as it is a commercial property generating profits that ease the tenant’s commitment.


5- Key Areas in Istanbul for Owning Office Properties:

Various areas in Istanbul witness investment activity and offer office properties, including:

  • Maslak: Istanbul’s primary commercial avenue, hosting iconic office and commercial towers and serving as the financial district.
  • Basın Express: The second commercial nerve for Istanbul, connecting the E-5 and E-80 highways and forming one of the closest commercial routes to Istanbul International Airport.
  • Kartal: Located on the Asian side, overlooking the Sea of Marmara, Kartal hosts numerous commercial buildings and offices with distinctive designs.
  • Ataşehir: Known for hosting the Istanbul International Financial Center, Ataşehir opened its doors to the Central Bank of Turkey, Turkish and international banks, and exchange companies in April 2023.
  • Beylikdüzü: On the European side of Istanbul, extending along the Marmara Sea southward and including the E-5 highway and metrobus stations, Beylikdüzü features diverse commercial buildings, offices, and companies.

الاستثمار بالعقارات المكتبية

6- Tips When Buying Office Properties in Turkey:

  • Prioritize the location of the office property, avoiding undesirable locations or challenging addresses. Seek an office property with a distinctive address near vital landmarks and roads.
  • Visit the property personally, assess the construction quality, and inspect its modernity from both inside and outside.
  • Compare the design of the desired office with your company’s identity.
  • Inquire about interior decoration costs and get the best offers that suit your budget.
  • Ensure the legal validity of the property concerning licenses and the availability of the title deed.
  • Consult with a real estate advisor to facilitate the process of owning office properties in Turkey and receive the best advice and offers.


Owning office real estate in Turkey serves a single goal: real estate investment. Therefore, research thoroughly.

carefully consider your options, and weigh your choices before making the final decision and signing the purchase contract.


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