Turkish real estate…the rights of foreigners to inherit their properties

قانون التوريث في تركيا

Turkish real estate ownership law in Turkey allows citizens.

of 183 countries around the world to purchase.

Turkish real estate for housing, real estate investment in Turkey.

or to obtain citizenship through real estate ownership.

The Turkish government provides:

  • many facilities and overcomes obstacles to investment in Turkey. However.
  • foreigners are subject to a set of controls and laws.
  • In order to be able to live in the country legally and own.
  • and transfer ownership in a smooth and safe manner.
  • Among the inquiries we receive on the Golden Group Investment.
  • website and pages on social networking sites are about.
  • The right of foreigners to inherit Turkish real estate.

Schedule of Content:

  • Law on foreigners inheriting real estate in Türkiye.
  • Foreigners inheritance tax for real estate in Türkiye.
  • Categories of heirs in Turkish real estate ownership law.
  • Papers required to transfer ownership of the property upon death.
  • How to obtain real estate inheritance in Türkiye
  • Who are the nationalities that are not entitled.
  • to inherit real estate in Türkiye?

توريث العقارات في تركيا

Law on foreigners inheriting real estate in Türkiye:

  • The Foreigners’ Succession of Real Estate Law in Turkey.
  • allows a deceased property owner to transfer ownership.
  • of his real estate to his legal heirs or those mentioned in.
  • the will that the owner concluded before his death.
  • if one exists. Turkish laws in this context regulate.
  • this procedure according to a set of conditions and controls.

Foreigners inheritance tax for real estate in Türkiye:

  • The real estate inheritance tax for foreigners in Turkey.
  • is traceable to a group of real estate taxes, the responsibility.
  • for determining which falls on the General Tax Directorate.
  • in Turkey. The real estate inheritance tax in Turkey.
  • according to Article 16 of Law No. 7338.
  • ranges between 1% and 10% and varies depending.
  • on the state of residence of the inheriting person.
  • and the location of the property and its space.
  • and its type (residential, commercial), but it is considered
  • a low tax compared to real estate securitization.
  • taxes in European countries..


Categories of heirs in Turkish real estate ownership law:

Husband or wife and children:

  • where the real estate heirs are distributed equally among them .


  • When the owner of the property dies and his father, mother.
  • or both are still alive, they receive an equal percentage.
  • with the property heirs

Grandfather and grandmother:

  • each of them receives an equal share from.
  • the heirs in the form of shares or real estate.

The property owner’s brothers:

  • If the deceased owner has no children and his father has also died.
  • his brothers and sisters receive shares of his real estate inheritance.

Grandchildren and their children:

  • When there are no children, parents, brothers and sisters.
  • the grandchildren and their children have shares of.
  • the real estate heirs.

Papers required to transfer ownership of the property upon death:

  • The death certificate of the property owner.
  • duly extracted and certified.
  • Proof of kinship, such as a family statement or marriage certificate.
  • Show the will, if any
  • Tax numbers for real estate heirs in Türkiye
  • A valid passport
  • Personal Photos

How to obtain real estate inheritance in Türkiye:

  • In the event of a will from a deceased real estate owner.
  • those whose names are mentioned in the will receive shares.
  • or real estate according to what is stated therein. In other cases.
  • the inheritance is divided among the family of.
  • the property owner, according to.
  • the legal division mentioned above.
  • The first step that the heirs must take is to extract.
  • the “inheritance inventory” document, which shows.
  • the names and shares of the people who are entitled to receive.
  • the inheritance according to the Turkish provisions.
  • and laws in force.
  • All of this is done after the deceased is cleared of dues.
  • taxes, and debts to the public or private sector.
  • or Individuals This matter requires hiring a real estate lawyer.

What is interesting about the Turkish inheritance law?

  • is that it grants half of the inheritance to the wife of.
  • the deceased and the other half to his children equally between.
  • males and females, but it is possible that the laws of.
  • the country apply.
  • To which the foreign citizen residing in Türkiye is.
  • the owner of the real estate, provided that all legal.
  • and legal heirs unanimously agree.

توريث العقارات التركية

Who are the nationalities that are not entitled to inherit real estate in Türkiye?

  • Considering that the law on foreigners’ ownership of.
  • Turkish real estate issued in mid-2012 after its approval by.
  • the Turkish Parliament excluded some nationalities.
  • if one of the heirs is of the nationalities they are not entitled to.
  • own real estate in Turkey, they are:
  1. Syria
  2. Cuba
  3. north korea
  4. Armenia
  5. Greek Cyprus

The heir to real estate cannot transfer.

ownership of the property.

or part of it to his name, and therefore.

the share or property.

must be sold.


  • It is possible that the owner of the property is married.
  • to a woman with a nationality that is not entitled to own real estate.
  • or that he has children from among those nationalities.
  • Therefore, it is not valid to transfer the real estate to.
  • their name and must be sold or their shares shown.
  • in the legal inheritance must be sold.



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