Real estate ownership in Türkiye for Egyptians 2024


Real estate ownership in Türkiye attracts foreigners.

in general and Egyptian citizens in particular to.

the Turkish real estate market.

This is thanks to the advantages that the country provides to them.

such as tax facilities and exemptions.

real estate residency grants, Turkish citizenship, and other incentives.

Reasons why Egyptians choose Türkiye over others:

  • A historical connection between.
  • the Turkish and Egyptian peoples.
  • dating back to the era of the Osoman Empire.
  • and the time of Governor Muhammed Ali Paşa specifically.
  • The presence of a large community of Egyptians in Türkiye.
  • for many purposes, such as housing or.
  • real estate investment in Türkiye.
  • The Egyptian market in the Eminonu area shows.
  • the historical presence of Egyptians in Türkiye.
  • The strength of infrastructure in Türkiye, which enabled.
  • the Egyptian investor to present his projects and.
  • achieve satisfactory results.
  • The quality of education in Turkey prompted Egyptians.
  • to enroll their children in Turkish schools and universities.
  • since the Turkish certificate is recognized in Cairo.
  • The huge trade exchange between Türkiye and Egypt prompted
  • investors from both countries to work in the import.
  • and export sector.
  • The presence of common maritime borders.
  • and several ports for maritime export between.
  • Türkiye and Egypt.
  • The return of Turkish-Egyptian relations to their.
  • previous state and the exchange of high-level visits.
  • The facilities provided by Türkiye to.
  • foreign and Egyptian investors,.
  • especially with regard to tax exemptions and simplifying.
  • the conditions for granting residency and citizenship.

Real estate ownership in Türkiye

Egyptians own real estate in Türkiye:

  • An amendment to the law on real estate.
  • and land ownership in Türkiye issued in 2012.
  • granted citizens of 183 nationalities.
  • the right to own real estate in Turkey.
  • Among these nationalities, the Egyptian nationality.
  • stands out, as the Egyptian citizen can, through a passport.
  • own all types of Turkish real estate.
  • With the exception of agricultural lands, as Egyptians.
  • are among the nationalities excluded from owning.
  • agricultural lands unless a company is established.
  • Every year, Egyptians buy hundreds of properties in Türkiye.
  • for many reasons, such as housing, real estate investment.
  • or obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • According to the Turkish Statistics Authority.
  • the number of properties purchased by.
  • Egyptians in the past year 2023 reached 474 properties.
  • ranking them in 14th place.
  • While the year 2022 recorded the purchase of 1,115 properties.
  • by Egyptians, ranked 15th on the list of foreign nationalities.
  • that own Turkish real estate the most.

Conditions for Egyptians owning Turkish real estate:

  • The Egyptian citizen’s property in Türkiye should not
  • exceed 30 hectares.
  • The percentage of lands and real estate owned.
  • by Egyptians does not exceed 10% of the municipality’s area.
  • The Egyptian citizen does not pose a threat.
  • to national security and public order in the country.
  • He must hold a valid Egyptian passport and.
  • his entry into Türkiye must be regular.

Real estate ownership in Türkiye


تملك المصريين العقارات التركية

Documents required for Egyptian ownership in Türkiye:

  • A valid Egyptian passport.
  • A copy of an entry stamp through one of.
  • the Turkish sea, air or land crossings.
  • A copy of the Egyptian passport, translated.
  • into Turkish and certified by the notary.
  • Tax number for the Egyptian citizen.
  • 4 personal photos
  • The property purchase contract signed by.
  • the seller and buyer and certified by the notary.
  • Real estate evaluation report that shows.
  • the real value of the property.
  • Earthquake insurance policy in Türkiye
  • A receipt for the sale of foreign currency.
  • whether it is a dollar, Egyptian pound, or other currency.
  • to the Turkish Central Bank and its exchange for Turkish currency.
  • A receipt for transferring the value of.
  • the property in Turkish Lira to the seller’s account.
  • A receipt for payment of the 4% title deed fee.
  • A real estate agency for a lawyer in order to conduct.
  • the ownership transfer transaction in the event that.
  • the Egyptian citizen is unable to attend.
  • the Land Registry Directorate in person.
  • A prior appointment at the Land Registry Directorate.

مميزات العيش في تركيا

Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye for Egyptians:

  • Residence in a safe, peaceful and stable country in all respects.
  • Registering children in Turkish schools and universities.
  • Obtaining real estate residency in Türkiye.
  • when purchasing a property worth $200,000.
  • Granting residencies to the wife and children.
  • of the property buyer in Türkiye according.
  • to the husband’s residency.
  • Movement inside and outside Türkiye without restrictions.
  • provided that they return to Türkiye before.
  • the end of the residency period.
  • Applying for Turkish citizenship after 8 years of.
  • purchasing a property, holding a real estate residence.
  • permit, and renewing it annually.
  • Live, work and invest in Türkiye, benefiting from.
  • the government facilities provided in this matter.
  • Obtaining tax exemptions under certain conditions.
  • on value added tax.
  • Own real estate exempt from title deed.
  • fees in some Turkish municipalities, such as Kağıthane and Kadıköy.
  • as they are reconstruction areas.

Real estate ownership in Türkiye


الجنسية التركية للمصريين

What are the ways for Egyptians to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The Egyptian citizen has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship through all investment methods, which are:

  • Purchase a property worth at least $400,000 and keep it for at least 3 years.
  • Deposit $500,000 in any Turkish bank and not withdraw for 3 years.
  • Deposit $500,000 in the Individual Retirement Fund and keep it for 3 years.
  • Buy government bonds worth $500,000 and hold them for 3 years.
  • Injecting direct investments into Türkiye worth $500,000 for a period of 3 years.
  • Buy Turkish shares worth $500,000 and keep them for 3 years.
  • Establishing a company and employing 50 Turkish workers and not laying off any of them for 3 years.

Real estate ownership in Türkiye

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