Urban transformation in Türkiye

Urban transformation in Türkiye

Urban transformation projects are being worked on.

in order to reduce illegal buildings and reduce.

the damage that may occur during earthquakes.

Türkiye began urban transformation projects in 2012.

The concept of urban transformation in Türkiye:

  • Urban transformation means the rehabilitation of.
  • all real estate in Türkiye, whether residential, commercial.
  • industrial or tourist.
  • The same applies to schools, hospitals, government buildings.
  • mosques and churches.
  • While preserving the historical and cultural.
  • identity of tourist attractions.

Urban transformation in Türkiye

Among the most prominent urban projects in Istanbul are:

  • Usto Tepe projects in Küçükçekmece.
  • Başakşehir project implemented by the Turkish Toki
  • Construction Company.
  • Suluküle project in Fatih.
  • Turgutreis project consisting of 282 apartments in Esenyurt.
  • Fikirtepe
  • Kadıköy project.
  • Kartal
  • Üsküdar project.
  • Restoration projects for old buildings and tourist facilities.
  • Restoration projects for the Sultan Mihrimah Mosque in the Fatih area.

Social and economic impacts:

  • The costs of urban transformation projects in Türkiye reach approximately 400 billion dollars.
  • It aims to improve the geometric shape of cities, by eliminating their economic and social problems.
  • In addition to raising the standard of living and entertainment for Turkish citizens.

Environmental impacts:

  • The policy is to demolish millions of violating buildings.
  • then rebuild them according to modern architectural.
  • methods that include strong, sound and more durable foundations.
  • With the removal of all slums that violate building codes.
  • to reduce pressure on residential areas.
  • By building entirely new neighborhoods and areas.
  • A safe, healthy, friendly residential environment.
  • that preserves the environment.

Urban transformation areas in Türkiye:

  • According to Turkish official sources.
  • the civilizational transformation plans included approximately.
  • 5 million buildings in the city of Istanbul alone.
  • This is in order to reduce population pressure on the city center areas.
  • Thus expanding the construction of advanced cities through.
  • the construction of modern properties in accordance.
  • with safety standards.
  • Among the most prominent areas of.
  • urban transformation in Istanbul are:
  • Başakşehir
  • Atakent’te
  • Bahçeşehir.

Turkish cities included in the project:

  • Sources say that implementing urban in Türkiye.
  • will include several areas, after dividing them.
  • as first- and second-class dangerous areas.
  • There are 20 million buildings in Türkiye within the danger zone.
  • Among them, 6.7 million homes are in average.
  • condition and only need renovation.
  • In addition to 1.5 million homes that are uninhabitable.
  • and need urgent urban transformation.
  • The cities included in the urban transformation project are:
  • Erzurum, İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Diyarbakır, Adana, Fyunkarahisar.
  • Ağrı, Amasya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bitlis, Bolu, Bursa, Çanakkale, Denizli.
  • Düzce, Edirne, Elazığ, Gaziantep, Hakkâri, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kırkcali.
  • Kırşehir, Kocaeli, Malatya, Nevşehir, Samsun, Sinop, Tekirdağ, Tunceli, Van

التحول الحضري

The Turkish government supports urban transformation projects:

  • The government is working to support urban.
  • projects in the country.
  • In accordance with Law No. 6303 in 2012 issued regarding.
  • building renovation.
  • This is through reducing interest, rent assistance.
  • and exempting some fees for property owners involved.
  • in urban transformation projects.
  • It also includes granting loans and real estate financing as follows:
  • A grant worth 700 thousand Turkish liras + a loan.
  • worth 700 thousand Turkish liras. For those who want to rebuild their homes with 50% financing from the Turkish government.
  • A grant worth 350 thousand Turkish liras + a loan worth.
  • 350 thousand Turkish liras. For commercial real estate
  • Free rental support worth 100 thousand Turkish liras.
  • Rental support of 5,500 Turkish liras for 18 months.


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