Choosing between a property within a residential complex or an independent building

أيهما أفضل مجمع سكني أم بناء مستقل؟

in Turkey depends on individual preferences and goals, whether for living or investment.


Residential Complex Properties in Turkey:

These are residential or commercial properties such as apartments, villas, offices, or shops situated within modern.

residential complexes with various advantages, diverse options, and varying styles.


Advantages of Residential Complex Properties:

  1. Prime locations selected by construction companies, surrounded by healthcare, educational, and entertainment institutions.
  2. Modern construction with buildings typically aged between 5 to 10 years.
  3. Constructions meet earthquake-resistant standards set by the Turkish government.
  4. Gated communities with controlled access, security features, surveillance cameras, and administrative offices.
  5. Provided with ample parking spaces for residents and guests.
  6. Offer a wide range of services, including gardens, playgrounds, pools, Turkish baths, and more.
  7. Purchase options, either in cash or through installment plans, especially during the construction phase.
  8. Increasing investment value over time due to modernity, amenities, and growing demand.

مجمع سكني

Disadvantages of Residential Complex Properties:

  • Higher property prices compared to other types due to the provided amenities.
  • Monthly maintenance fees for security, maintenance, and other services.
  • Some complexes may have regulations regarding residents’ movements, aiming at security but may be perceived as restrictive.


Investment Value of Residential Complex Properties:

The investment value increases over time due to the advantages mentioned, yielding profitable returns through resale or rental.


Independent Building Properties in Turkey:

These are often apartments within independent buildings, varying in styles and sizes, located in narrow streets and neighborhoods.

Advantages of Independent Building Properties:

  1. Generally lower prices compared to properties within residential complexes.
  2. Widespread availability through various real estate agencies.
  3. Increased offers and discounts on these properties.
  4. Flexible payment options, either in cash or through installments.
  5. Some units are ready for immediate occupancy.

Disadvantages of Independent Building Properties:

  1. Aging buildings, some dating back 25 years, may lack modern standards.
  2. Non-compliance with building regulations and earthquake resistance in older structures.
  3. Lack of services such as security, elevators, and parking spaces.
  4. Inconvenient locations, often in narrow streets or distant from strategic areas.
  5. Some may lack legal documentation or building permits.

مباني مستقلة

Investment Value of Independent Building Properties:

  • The investment value has significantly decreased due to a shift in demand towards properties within residential complexes.
  • making it challenging to find tenants and causing substantial losses.



  • For both living and real estate investment in Turkey, it is recommended to lean towards properties within modern residential complexes.
  • These properties align with market demands, increase in investment value over time, and are in line with the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


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