The most important neighborhoods of the Beylikdüzü residential and investment area

Beylikduzu neighborhoods

Beylikdüzü has become a new investment compass and a real estate attraction for those in the real estate sector, thanks to its features and characteristics.

that attract both local and foreign investments. This is primarily due to its strategic location, situated between the Marmara Sea.

to the north and the E-5 highway on the southern side in Istanbul, Europe.

Beylikdüzü comprises 10 of the most important residential and investment neighborhoods, which are highly favored by investors compared to other.

neighborhoods in the region and across Istanbul. These neighborhoods offer real estate and investment opportunities that are too valuable to miss.


The Residential Reality in the Beylikdüzü Area in Istanbul:


  • Beylikdüzü has gained substantial government attention and investment in infrastructure, modernization, and urban development.
  • It’s known for its prime location, nestled between the sea, a major highway, and the extension of metrobus lines.
  • Furthermore, it’s home to the second-largest marina in Istanbul, with a capacity for 500 luxury yachts.
  • along with a range of restaurants and cafes overlooking the Marmara Sea and the marina. Beylikdüzü boasts extensive green spaces and a major natural project.
  • the “Valley of Green Yasham,” offering quality health, education, and entertainment facilities. Additionaly.
  • it provides an extensive transportation network. The most significant neighborhoods in Beylikdüzü include




  • Located on the eastern side of Beylikdüzü, near Avcilar, and bordered.
  • by the Marmara Sea to the south and the E-5 highway to the north.
  • The neighborhood has a population of 57,468.


Sahil (Coast):

  • This neighborhood enjoys a stunning seafront and greenery on all sides. It features various residential and commercial complex projects.
  • as well as luxurious villas with sea and nature views. The Sahil neighborhood has a population of 6,724.

موقع بيليك دوزو


  • Marmara is known for its magnificent sea views and essential tourist attractions, especially for visitors from.
  • the Gulf countries. It hosts a crucial maritime port and the Marina Beylikdüzü area, the second-largest marina in Istanbul, with a capacity for 500 luxury yachts.
  • The neighborhood has a population of 31,889.



  • Situated in the heart of Beylikdüzü, Baris is surrounded by the E-5 highway, Metrobus lines, and essential commercial centers.
  • It has residential and investment importance, with a population of 58,388.



  • is famous for its fantastic nature and stunning sea views. It is one of the most upscale and modern neighborhoods in the Beylikdüzü.
  • It has a population of 58,335.



  • This neighborhood is in the north of Belikduzu and is known for its high quality and luxurious properties with contemporary designs.
  • It features numerous restaurants, cafes, and commercial complexes. The neighborhood has a population of 23,427.



  • Located near the shores of the Marmara Sea, Kavakli is known for its charming nature and breathtaking sea views.
  • It has upscale and modern properties and a significant number of luxurious villas.
  • The neighborhood has a population of 58,335.

بيليك دوزو

 Adnan Kahveci:

  • Situated in the western part of Beylikdüzü, Adnan Kahveci is close to the E-5 highway and the Buyukcekmece area.
  • It hosts various healthcare facilities, schools, and commercial markets, with a population of 58,335.



  • This neighborhood extends along the Marmara Sea coast and is known for its rich natural surroundings.
  • It features high-end villas with stunning sea and green views, with a population of 19,427.



  • is one of the most important neighborhoods in the area, located along the coast of the Marmara Sea.
  • It’s famous for its luxurious restaurants and cafes with magnificent sea views. In recent years, the neighborhood has attracted significant construction companies.
  • that have developed various real estate projects. Gurpinar has a population of 21,286.



Beylikdüzü is not only an excellent residential choice but also a significant investment opportunity, especially with its proximity to universities.

hospitals, schools, and transportation networks. Additionally, the construction sector in Beylikdüzü has been thriving, offering a variety of options.

that meet different purchasing criteria, including properties that fulfill the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

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