Comparison between Real Estate Ownership in Antalya and Izmir

أنطاليا وإزمير

Real Estate Ownership in Antalya:


Antalya stands as one of Turkey’s major tourist cities, attracting a substantial number of tourists, particularly from European countries.

The annual influx of over ten million tourists has driven a continuous demand for pre-booked hotels. Consequently.

a significant portion of tourists opts to own apartments, villas, or hotel apartments in Antalya, aiming to eliminate the hassle of yearly hotel reservations.

This trend has significantly boosted Antalya’s real estate sector in recent years. Moreover, tens of thousands of Turkish citizens.

choose to purchase properties within Antalya, especially in its tourist areas, for residence, investment, and benefiting from the city’s tourism-related revenues.


Advantages of Real Estate Ownership in Antalya:


  • Antalya is a vibrant city both economically and in terms of tourism, positively impacting the real estate sector.
  • The real estate market in Antalya is active year-round, involving buying, selling, renting, resale, and various investment activities.
  • A wide range of properties is available in Antalya, including standard apartments, apartments in residential complexes, hotel apartments, home offices, lofts, and penthouses.
  • Antalya offers luxurious villas with modern specifications, impressive designs, high construction quality, and prime locations usually near the seashores or forests.
  • Natural attractions in Antalya, such as beaches, coasts, and forests, complement the city’s historical sites, including Kaleiçi with its grand gate, markets, and beautiful heritage houses and shops.
  • Antalya’s economy relies primarily on tourism, followed by local industries and trade, facilitating land, air, and sea trade exchanges through the city’s ports.
  • The residential, commercial, tourist, hotel, and industrial real estate sectors in Antalya are active, featuring continuous trading and leasing activities.
  • Most Antalya properties meet the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • The option to obtain real estate residency in Turkey by purchasing a property valued at least $200,000 in Antalya.
  • While property prices in Antalya are lower than those in Istanbul, they are relatively higher compared to other Turkish cities due to their investment value.


Reasons for Foreigners’ Preference for Owning Properties in Antalya:


  • Several factors and motivations have attracted foreign investors to own properties in Antalya, including:
  • The robust and diverse real estate market in Antalya, constantly renewing and displaying vitality.
  • Antalya’s developed tourist infrastructure and prominent government attention.
  • The significant activity of major construction companies in Turkey and the increasing pace of urban development in Antalya.
  • Antalya’s distinctive location with warm waters, away from extremely cold regions.
  • Antalya welcoming over ten million tourists annually from around the world.
  • The high demand for Antalya’s properties of all types and the scarcity of supply, inevitably leading to price increases.
  • The increasing investment value of Antalya properties due to rising demand.
  • The potential for profitable returns in Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound, and Riyal due to the nature of the tourist region and the influx of various foreign currencies.
  • Previous successful experiences of investors in Antalya apartments.
التملك العقاري في أنطاليا
التملك العقاري في أنطاليا

Real Estate Ownership in Izmir:


Izmir, another significant Turkish city, also experiences a high demand for real estate.

attracting both local and foreign investors for residence, investment, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Advantages of Real Estate Ownership in Izmir:


  • Izmir’s growing economy and strategic location contribute to its attractiveness for real estate investment.
  • A diverse range of residential, commercial, and industrial properties are available in Izmir.
  • The city’s modern infrastructure and urban development projects enhance the real estate sector.
  • Izmir offers a mix of historical and modern attractions, creating a unique living environment.
  • The city’s trade, tourism, and industrial sectors provide various investment opportunities.
  • Accessibility to Izmir’s properties by foreigners for residence and investment purposes.


Reasons for Foreigners’ Preference for Owning Properties in Izmir:


  • Izmir’s economic growth and strategic position attracting investors.
  • The availability of a diverse range of properties catering to different preferences.
  • Modern infrastructure and ongoing urban development projects enhancing the real estate market.
  • The unique blend of historical and modern attractions in Izmir.
  • Opportunities for investment in the city’s trade, tourism, and industrial sectors.
التملك العقاري في إزمير
التملك العقاري في إزمير

Which is Better: Real Estate Ownership in Antalya or Izmir?


  • The choice between Antalya and Izmir for real estate ownership depends on individual preferences.
  • considering factors such as the city’s economic dynamics, available property types, tourism potential, and the investor’s specific goals.
  • Both cities offer distinctive advantages, and the decision should align with the investor’s priorities and desired outcomes in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Real Estate Ownership in Izmir:
  • Izmir, situated on the western coast of Turkey along the Aegean Sea, near the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned for its diverse investment sectors.
  • including real estate, agriculture, industry, tourism, and commerce.
  • It holds significant importance for the Turkish government due to its strategic location and a population comprising Turks and foreigners, besides attracting tourists worldwide.
  • The real estate market in Izmir is active, offering various property types, such as residential units like apartments and villas.
  • industrial properties like factories and workshops, commercial properties like shops and offices, and tourism-related properties like hotels.
  • restaurants, cafes, resorts, and hotel apartments.


Advantages of Real Estate Ownership in Izmir:


Izmir’s real estate significance rivals that of Istanbul and Antalya, thanks to the following features:


  1. Izmir is a high-class tourist destination with picturesque beaches, unique markets, splendid neighborhoods, and historical landmarks like the Clock Tower.
  2. Kadifekale Castle, Ephesus, Izmir Museum, and the village of Bozdağ.
  3. Izmir hosts the house of Virgin Mary, the mother of the Prophet Jesus, believed to be where she spent her final days, making it a historical pilgrimage site for tourists of various religions and beliefs.
  4. The real estate market in Izmir attracts a diverse range of investors seeking residential or investment properties, or even Turkish citizenship.
  5. Izmir offers an opportunity for investors to escape the annual hassle of early hotel reservations by purchasing a property for their stay.
  6. Various types of residential and commercial properties are available in Izmir, including apartments, villas, shops, and offices.
  7. Izmir’s strategic location facilitates easy access for tourists, both domestically and internationally, by land, sea, and air.
  8. Izmir shares maritime borders with Greek cities, enabling maritime trips between them, and is also close to prominent Turkish cities like Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya, Balıkesir, and in relative proximity to Bursa, Yalova, and Istanbul.
  9. Izmir hosts numerous annual events, including tourism, economic, real estate, and technology exhibitions, attracting interested parties from inside and outside Turkey.


Reasons for Foreigners’ Preference for Owning Properties in Izmir:


Local and foreign investors choose to own properties in Izmir for several reasons:


  • Attractive government facilities and investment-friendly laws in Turkey, especially in Izmir.
  • The city’s vibrancy and robust economy resulting from quality industries and trade that have positively impacted Izmir’s real estate.
  • Prominent tourist activity and the constant need for accommodation through purchase or rent, enhancing investment opportunities in resale or leasing.
  • Diverse real estate options in Izmir, providing numerous choices for foreign investors.
  • Major construction companies focusing on building properties in Izmir to meet the continuous demand for real estate.
  • The industrial presence in Izmir has increased the significance of its real estate industry in recent years.
  • Lower property prices in Izmir compared to neighboring European properties, particularly Greek properties, and the decrease in prices relative to Izmir’s own market.
  • Increasing investment value of Izmir properties due to rising demand, influenced by factors like the value of the Turkish Lira, inflation rates, construction material costs, wages, and raw material prices.
  • Possibility to obtain real estate residency and Turkish citizenship under varying conditions.
  • Tax reductions and exemptions, especially on the Value Added Tax for Izmir properties and Turkish properties in general, with specific conditions.


Which is Better: Real Estate Ownership in Antalya or Izmir?


Choosing between Antalya and Izmir for real estate ownership depends on individual preferences and investment goals.

Both cities offer distinct advantages, making them primary real estate destinations. Investors can diversify.

their portfolio by acquiring properties in both cities, capitalizing on their combined investment and profit potentials.

Ultimately, the decision rests on the investor’s priorities and desired outcomes in the Turkish real estate market.


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