Nisantasi is the shopping and brand capital of Istanbul

نيشان تاشي

located in the heart of the city. It’s often referred to as the “Street of Brands” or “Paris of Istanbul” due to its prime location.

modern infrastructure, beautiful buildings, proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, and its abundance of both global and local retail brands, as well as historical and tourist landmarks.


The General Location:

Nisantasi Street is located in European Istanbul and falls under the administration of the Sisli municipality.

It is surrounded by the following areas:

  • Besiktas
  • Osmanbey
  • Taksim
  • Harbiye

Nisantasi Street is also close to the Bosphorus Strait, which can be easily reached within a few minutes by car.

نيشان تاشي إسطنبول
نيشان تاشي إسطنبول

Reason for the Name:

The history of Nisantasi Street in Istanbul dates back to the 19th century during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan “Abdulmejid I.”

During this time, he settled in the area and ordered the construction of two “stone milestones” to mark the beginning and end of the street.

This is where the name Nisantasi comes from, which means “constructed stones.”


Nisantasi Street’s Key Landmarks:

Nisantasi Street is classified as a cultural and tourist hub in Istanbul, featuring museums, gardens, cinemas, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.

It is frequented daily by thousands of visitors, including celebrities, artists, politicians, athletes, tourists, and locals from around the world.

Due to its prime location and high property prices, Nisantasi Street serves as a residence for Istanbul’s elite and wealthy.

Moreover, Nisantasi Street houses various religious and tourist landmarks, such as:


Chic Mosque:

This mosque played a significant role in encouraging people to settle in Istanbul, hence its name in Turkish, which means “encouragement.”

It also has another meaning, “signs of the stone,” referring to the stones that were used as targets for archers and Ottoman sultans.

These stones were crafted in the form of small obelisks with inscriptions in the Turkish language, thereby preserving the rich history of the area.


Historical Police Building:

A classic-style police center was constructed between 1912 and 1913. Many Macedonian Turks settled in “Nishan Tashi,” including the renowned Turkish poet “Nazım Hikmet.

” It also became home to various smaller communities, such as the Greek, Syrian, and Armenian communities.


Ehlamur Palace and Garden:

  • Ehlamur Palace reflects the grandeur of unique architectural designs, luxurious furnishings, and European-style decor.
  • The palace’s walls are adorned with colorful marbled engravings, and it was ordered to be built by Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid as a retreat between official ceremonial buildings and for hosting dignitaries. Today.
  • Ehlamur Palace has become an open museum for the public to visit and admire its distinctive interior and exterior sections.
  • The palace features a beautiful garden, one of Istanbul’s most famous, covering an area of 25,000 square meters.
  • surrounded by high walls and railings. Visitors can enjoy tranquility and relaxation amidst its unique atmosphere, surrounded by trees and facing a water pond.


Sofa Poets Park:

  • The park offers a spacious children’s playground and a dedicated area for young people for organizing sports activities. Literature enthusiasts can explore the park.
  • where they can discover the icons of Turkish literature through statues representing literary greats.


Nisantasi Shopping and Entertainment:

  • Nisantasi boasts some of Istanbul’s most distinctive shopping and fashion destinations, featuring upscale fashion houses.
  • major international brands, and boutique stores by renowned global designers. Nisantasi is known for its vibrancy, especially in the streets of “Abdi Ipekci” and “Tesvikiye,”
  • where a large number of tourists and shoppers visit daily.
  • Nisantasi offers a shopping experience different from typical malls in Istanbul, with sophisticated shopping centers.
  • It also houses the latest medical facilities, such as the American Hospital and several medical clinics.


City’s Mall:

  • City’s Mall is a luxurious shopping center that has gained prominence among Istanbul’s shopping complexes, with investments exceeding $125 million USD.
  • Given its central location in Nisantasi, City’s Mall provides visitors with a unique shopping experience.
  • City’s Mall Nisantasi spans an area of 51,500 square meters and hosts over 150 stores featuring the finest Turkish and international brands.
  • Additionally, it offers cafes and restaurants serving diverse cuisines, including Chinese, Mexican, French, and Japanese, alongside Turkish and Ottoman cuisine.
  • The mall also includes shops, cinema halls,
  • libraries, and more.


Nisantasi Restaurants:

  • Nusret Tash restaurants are known for their luxury, beauty, and elegance, combining both Turkish and Western cuisines, as well as offering dishes rooted in Ottoman cuisine.
  • They also serve the finest and most delicious authentic Turkish desserts crafted with expertise and exquisite flavors.
  • Nusret Tash restaurants are located on Abdii Eibkji Street and Chwayqia Street, as well as in outdoor alleys in Atiya.
  • Unique dishes served on Nusret Tash Street include Mexican, Asian, and Thai cuisine.
شارع نيشان تاشي
شارع نيشان تاشي

Turkish Real Estate in Nisantasi :

  • Properties on Nusret Tash Street stand out for their modern designs, high-quality construction, and distinctive exteriors.
  • They are suitable for various purposes, whether for residence, real estate investment in Turkey, or obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Nusret Tash Street in Istanbul is considered one of the finest neighborhoods, characterized by a large number of modern hotel apartments and residential complexes.
  • These properties are sought after for their quality finishes and materials used.
  • Nusret Tash residential complexes offer a wide range of options in terms of apartment sizes and layouts to accommodate all family sizes.
  • Additionally, they include duplex apartments and hotel apartments, along with security, social, and recreational amenities

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