neighborhoods are closed to buying a property in Istanbul for foreigners?

Closed neighborhoods in Istanbul

neighborhoods are closed In the last two years, the Turkish authorities.

have tended to close Turkey in general.

and the city of Istanbul in particular to foreigners owning Turkish real estate.

neighborhoods are closed

Türkiye Some neighborhoods about foreigners owning Turkish real estate:

  • An official decision was issued in recent months to close some neighborhoods in Istanbul to foreign ownership.
  • According to official statements, it is no longer possible to register foreigners as residents.
  • and give them a residence permit in those neighborhoods.
  • Also, the requirements for obtaining various types of residency in Turkey or renewing.
  • it require that the foreigner not present a real estate title deed or a rental contract in closed neighborhoods.


Why did the authorities take the decision to close to foreigners:

  • The reasons given by some Turkish officials in the Ministry of Interior and the Turkish Civil Status Directorate.

·       The main reason for this decision is due to the large increase in the number of foreigners in those neighborhoods.

  • Which would cause an imbalance in the demographic balance, according to their description.

·       Which will lead, in the near or distant future, to an increase in the number of foreigners at.·       the expense of Turkish citizens in one neighborhood.

  • Therefore, the decision to close some neighborhoods in Istanbul and Turkey does not aim to reduce.
  • the foreign presence in Turkey, but rather to regulate their presence.
  • In addition to distributing them appropriately among the rest of Istanbul’s neighborhoods and.
  • neighborhoods in other Turkish cities in a systematic and thoughtful manner.
  • The closure also includes those wishing to buy a property in Türkiye for housing or foreign tenants of Turkish real estate.


Areas closed in Istanbul to foreign ownership and residence:

  • The Turkish Immigration Presidency issued an official list of areas in which some neighborhoods have been closed.
  • It also published it on its official website and these areas are:

neighborhoods are closed

م Name of the area Location
1 Bahçeli Evler, European Istanbul
2 Avcilar European Istanbul
3 Bagcilar European Istanbul
4 Sultan Ghazi, European Istanbul
5 Bahçeli Evler European Istanbul
6 Fatih European Istanbul
7 Esenyurt European Istanbul
8 Esenler European Istanbul
9 Zeytinburnu European Istanbul European Istanbul
10 Basaksehir European Istanbul

كوتشوك تشكمجة

Closed neighborhoods in Istanbul:

  • The Turkish Immigration Presidency also published a list of neighborhoods closed to foreigners.
  • residence and ownership in Türkiye. These neighborhoods are:
م اسم الحي المنطقة الموقع
1 YILDIZ MAHALLESİ Besiktas European Istanbul
2 BEYLİKDÜZÜOSB MAHALLESİ Beylikduzu European Istanbul
3 KOCATEPE MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
4 ŞEHİT MUHTAR MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
5 BÜLBÜL MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
6 ÇUKUR MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
7 KAMER HATUN MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
8 KALYONCU KULLUĞU MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
9 YENİŞEHİR MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
11 BOSTAN MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
12 ASMALI MESCİT MAHALLESİ Beyoğlu European Istanbul
13 MASLAK MAHALLESİ Sariyer European Istanbul
14 MEŞRUTİYET MAHALLESİ Sheila European Istanbul
15 İNÖNÜ MAHALLESİ Şişli European Istanbul
16 ERGENEKON MAHALLESİ Şişli European Istanbul
17 MECİDİYEKÖY MAHALLESİ Şişli European Istanbul
18 CUMHURİYET MAHALLESİ Şişli European Istanbul
19 AYDINLI-KOSB MAHALLESİ Tuzla Asian Istanbul


20 DUDULLU OSB MAHALLESİ Urbanism Asian Istanbul



neighborhoods are closed

  • To view the bulletin of regions and neighborhoods from the official website of the Turkish Immigration Presidency (click here)


Does a foreigner have the right to buy a property in Türkiye within closed neighborhoods?

  • The official Turkish government decision does not aim to prevent foreigners from owning.
  • Turkish real estate, as some social media pages promote.
  • As we explained above, the closure decision aims to redistribute foreigners into the regions and neighborhoods of Istanbul.
  • If buying a property in Turkey within closed neighborhoods aims to live in it.
  • this will not be achieved because the authorities do not grant the foreigner a residence permit in these neighborhoods.
  • If the reason for buying a property in Türkiye within closed neighborhoods is to invest in real estate in Turkey.
  • then this is possible.
  • This means that the procedures for real estate ownership in Turkey and granting.
  • the real estate title deed will not stop when a foreigner buys a property in Turkey within closed neighborhoods.
  • But he will stumble later if he wants to live in the property he bought.
  • and he is forced to invest in his property by renting it exclusively to Turkish citizens.
  • A buyer of a property in Turkey within closed neighborhoods can also invest in real estate in all other ways, especially resale.

neighborhoods are closed


Does the property grant the buyer within closed neighborhoods Turkish citizenship?

  • The conditions for granting Turkish citizenship through purchasing a property in Turkey stipulate not buying.
  • a property in an area close to security and military areas.
  • In addition, its price must not be less than $400,000 and it must not be sold for 3 years.
  • And many other conditions, but the conditions did not include a prohibition from owning a property in Türkiye.
  • within closed neighborhoods.
  • Therefore, a foreign investor can buy a property in Turkey within closed neighborhoods in order to obtain.
  • Turkish citizenship on the condition that he does not live there.

neighborhoods are closed

Exceptions for foreigners owning and residing in closed neighborhoods in Istanbul:

  • The decision to prevent foreigners from owning and residing in closed neighborhoods in Istanbul.
  • excluded some categories of foreigners:
  • The university student who obtained a seat in a Turkish university located within a closed neighborhood..
  • A foreigner who bought a property in Türkiye for the purpose of real estate investment.
  • Registration of foreigners in those closed areas in cases of unification.
  • When foreigners obtain a work permit in Türkiye and the workplace is within a closed area.
  • If there is a health issue related to the safety of the family.



Turkish Civil Affairs Directorate

Turkish Immigration Presidency

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