Fatih area in Istanbul importance of real estate ownership

Central Istanbul

The historic Fatih district in central Istanbul is of great importance on all residential, investment, commercial and tourism levels.

This is due to the advantages that the region has, which constitute an attractive factor for housing, investment, trade, and residence there.


A glimpse of the Fatih district in Istanbul:

  • Fatih is located in the middle of the city of Istanbul and is considered one of its oldest areas.
  • It was named after the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror after the conquest of Constantinople.
  • This occurred on May 29 of the year 1453, after which the name of the city changed to Istanbul.
  • Fatih is known for the historical walls that surround the city and were penetrated by the Ottoman army.
  • These walls still bear witness to the greatness of the city of Istanbul, as they remain to this day.


Where is the Fatih district located in Istanbul?

  • The borders of the Fatih district in Istanbul begin from the old walls, specifically at Topkapi station.
  • Within the historic Istanbul Peninsula
  • Fatih combines its location between the Golden Horn Bay, the Bosphorus Strait, and the Sea of ​​
  • It borders Zeytinburnu to the west, Beyoglu to the east, and Eyup to the north.
  • Fatih embraces the historic Sultanahmet area, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, and Topkapi Palace
  • It includes several famous neighborhoods such as Vatan Street, Topkapi, Yusufpasa, Eminonu, Aksaray, and others.
  • In addition to the Balat and Fanar neighborhoods, which have ancient archaeological and historical features.

منطقة الفاتح في إسطنبول

Infrastructure in the Fatih area of ​​Istanbul:

  • Thanks to its location and geographical, touristic and central importance.
  • Fatih is known for the quality of its infrastructure and the constant interest in its development by the Fatih Municipality and the Greater Istanbul Municipality.
  • This is done by developing its buildings and increasing its health, educational and recreational services.

Fatih area in Istanbul

The most important hospitals and health centers in the Fatih region:

  • Istanbul Teaching Hospital
  • Balat Hospital
  • Al-Hasakah Hospital


The most important schools and universities in the Fatih region:

  • Bursa Istanbul School
  • Kozai Educational Center
  • Topkapi Primary School
  • Eugene College
  • Al-Fateh Municipality Educational Center
  • Istanbul University
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Kadir Has University

the Fatih area in Istanbul

The most prominent sea beaches in the Fatih area:

  • Yenikapi Corniche
  • Marsa Fish Beach
  • Eminonu beaches
  • The beaches of the Golden Horn Bay


Public transportation in the Fatih area:

  • Topkapi Metro Station
  • Omniyat Al-Fateh Metro Station
  • Aksaray Metro Station
  • Youssef Pasha Tram Station
  • Findak Zadeh Tram Station
  • Sirkeci bus
  • Beyazit Tram Station
  • Sultanahmet Tram Station

·       IDO sea bus Stations

منطقة الفاتح

Archaeological and historical sites in the Fatih region:

  • Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Mosque
  • Sultanahmet area
  • Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque
  • Theodosius Cistern
  • Basilica cistern
  • Topkapi Palace and Museum
  • Al-Kharqa Al-Sharifa Mosque
  • Decorated obelisk
  • Column of Constantine
  • Tekfur Palace
  • Sultana Mihrimah Mosque


Shopping and entertainment in the Fatih district of Istanbul:

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Panorama of the conquest of Istanbul 1453
  • Historia Mall
  • Egyptian market
  • Youssef Pasha Street
  • Restaurants and cafes in Aksaray

Fatih area in Istanbul

Advantages of real estate ownership in the Al-Fateh area:

  • Housing and living literally in the center of Istanbul.
  • Enjoying tourism and moving between archaeological and historical sites and areas.
  • It provides all the necessities of life, including health, educational and recreational services.
  • Easy transportation to the rest of Istanbul via land and sea transportation.
  • It provides several beaches, coasts, and places for a walk, fishing, and swimming.
  • The possibility of owning all types of Turkish real estate in the Fatih area.
  • Including residential, commercial and tourist real estate.
  • From Apartments, villas, palaces, offices,     shops, hotels and hotel apartments.
  • Beautiful views from your apartment or office of Istanbul’s tourist and historical landmarks.
  • Al-Fatih area combines the sea, the strait, and the Gulf, in addition to being located in the middle of the city.
  • The possibility of obtaining real estate residency in Turkey when purchasing a property in Fatih worth at least 200 thousand dollars.


Advantages of real estate investment in the Al-Fateh area:

  • The ease of trading Turkish real estate in the Fatih area, buying, selling, and renting, due to the increased demand for downtown real estate.
  • The high investment values ​​of Fatih real estate makes the region on the list of the highest real estate prices in Istanbul and Turkey in general.
  • Achieving high investment returns in lira, dollars, and other foreign currencies.
  • The possibility of real estate investment in apartments, shops, hotels, palaces, restaurants and cafes in the Fatih area.
  • Most of Al-Fateh properties are resale properties due to it being a downtown area and it is difficult to find new properties except in its vicinity.
  • The Topkapi area is one of the areas in contact with the Fatih area and includes properties under construction within modern real estate complexes.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property worth $400,000 and keeping it for 3 years

You can contact the Golden Group Investment Company in Turkey and request information about real estate ownership in the Fatih area for housing or investment.

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