Nilüfer in Bursa… a vital area and investment importance

nilüfer bursa

Nilüfer in Bursa is one of the areas of high importance.

at the residential and investment levels.

A glimpse of Nilüfer district in Bursa:

  • An old and historically famous area.
  • It was named after the wife of the Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi
  • In recent years, a series of urban works began.
  • Thanks to its strategic location.
  • And its central importance and increased demand.
  • Nilüfer will witness the growth of construction work there.
  • By major Turkish and international construction companies.

Nilüfer in Bursa

General Site:

  • Nilüfer is located west of Bursa city center.
  • It is surrounded by Orhanlı, Gaziosman
  • In addition to Lake Ulubat, and the areas.
  • of Mustafa kemalpaşa, Kara Kapi‎‏, and
  • The region is an independent province.
  • and administratively affiliated with the city of Bursa.
  • It occupies an area of ​​495 square kilometers.
  • It is only about 1.9 km away from the beaches.
  • of the Sea of ​​
  • It also borders Lake Uluabat to the west.


Infrastructure of Nilüfer area in Bursa:

  • Nilüfer’s vital position contributed
  • In developing its infrastructure.
  • From Bridges, roads and tunnels.
  • In addition to service facilities to meet the needs of residents.
  • In addition to starting the construction of.
  • dozens of real estate complexes there.
  • During recent years.
  • Nilufer Municipality won the European Diplomat Award,Because.
  • it is among the best 27 thousand municipalities.
  • It belongs to 47 countries From members European Council.

 Nilüfer in Bursa

Health and medical:

  • Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine Hospital
  • Gilan Private Hospital.
  • Anadolu Private Hospital in Bursa
  • Bursa City Government Hospital


Study and education:

  • Ozluj School
  • Owen Paz School
  • Bursa Uludağ University


Shopping and entertainment:

  • Korupark Shopping Centre.
  • Podium Park Bursa.
  • Özdilek Mall
  • Marka Mall.
  • Gemlik Park.
  • Extreme Park amusement park.


The most prominent tourist places in the Nilüfer area in Bursa:

Nilüfer is home to many natural and touristic places.

which are recommended to visit, including:

Ivana Cave:

  • It is famous for its huge and longitudinal area.
  • A running river crosses it in a magical natural place.
  • The boundaries of the cave start from Doğan lan village and end at Ayvaköy.
  • Its length reaches five kilometers.
  • The entrance is very steep and dangerous.
  • Suitable for adventure and climbing lovers.
  • It is distinguished by its natural beauty and.
  • cataclysms and the stalagmites in it.


Press Museum:

  • Opened in 2007.
  • It embodies the historical stages of the media
  • Written from the past to the present.


Atatürk Forest Park:

  • The largest urban parks in Bursa.
  • He is known for his beautiful nature.


Bejira Ulubat:

  • A natural lake bordering Nilüfer to the west.
  • It is characterized by its rural nature.
  • And many tourist activities that can be done.

Nilüfer in Bursa

Advantages of living in Nilüfer area in Bursa:

  • Nilüfer has many urban advantages.
  • What made it ranked among the best Turkish municipalities.
  • Some liken Nilüfer to the Başakşehir area of ​​
  • In terms of natural and strategic importance
  • The region has a vibrant environment.
  • with an acceptable population density in its urban areas.
  • It also provides all the necessities of a decent life.
  • including health, educational and recreational facilities.

nilüfer in bursa

The importance of buying an apartment in Nilüfer:

  • Bursa real estate market offers many.
  • real estate complexes in Nilüfer.
  • Which has modern designs and high build quality.
  • In addition to the various styles and spaces.
  • Nilüfer properties have many charming views.
  • Either on Lake Ulubat or on green spaces.
  • In addition to other views of the city.
  • Most residential complexes also include a range.
  • of entertainment services.
  • From Swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens.
  • parking lots and security protection.
  • Real estate prices are low compared to Istanbul real estate



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