Döşemealtı in Antalya.. What do you know about it?

Döşemealtı ANTALYA

Döşemealtı in Antalya is one of the areas whose name has.

emerged strongly. In the world of real estate ownership.

and investment in Türkiye, during recent years.

A glimpse of the Döşemealtı district in Antalya:

  • It is a quiet area characterized by picturesque nature.
  • Döşemealtı is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • It has a pleasant air that distinguishes it from other regions.
  • The area includes dozens of real estate complexes.
  • with a Modern architectural style.
  • It constituted an attractive factor for those wishing to live there.
  • Or investors coming from various Turkish cities.

Döşemealtı in Antalya

General Site:

  • Döşemealtı is located north of the Turkish city of Antalya.
  • It is about 18 km away from the city center.
  • Antalya International Airport is 30 km away.
  • The seaside is 22 km from the center of Döşemealtı .
  • It is surrounded by the regions of Kepez, Orta, Kuvananlık, and Doja.
  • It is one of the central areas in Antalya.
  • The D650 and E87 highways pass through it
  • It is surrounded by many waterfalls, coasts and caves.


Infrastructure in the Döşemealtı district of Antalya:

  • The Döşemealtı region is dominated by tourism.
  • Its infrastructure is known for its development and modernity.
  • And in line with the requirements of distinctive housing.
  • The area includes all service facilities.
  • In addition to a group of public transportation.

Health and medicine:

  • ADEL Ağız Dental Center
  • Döşemealtı Hospital
  • Döşemealtı Medical Clinics
  • Yilmaz Tursun Pharmacy

Education and study:

  • Nursel-Ayhan School
  • DöşemealtıTechnical High School
  • Ayci Mustafa Altin Primary School
  • Imam Hatip Schools
  • Antalya Children’s Primary School
  • Antalya Social High School
  • Bahçeşehir College
  • Döşemealti is also close to Antalya University

Shopping and entertainment:

  • Kolochoka Mall
  • Özkaya Market
  • Marketem Tucson store
  • Osman Selin Park
  • Migros store
  • Bizim Toptan Store
  • Yesil Bayer Sports Stadium
  • A101 store
  • Veterans Park
  • Closed Yiğmilar Bazaar
  • Döşemealtı Gym
  • Zoo

Döşemealtı in Antalya

Advantages of buying an apartment in Döşemealtı:

  • Residence in one of the tourist areas.
  • Döşemealtı is full of service facilities to meet.
  • the needs of residents.
  • From hospitals and schools.
  • In addition to its proximity to universities and scientific colleges.
  • In addition to the markets and bazaars that serve the area.
  • The area is close to the coast of Antalya and is easy to reach.
  • Surrounded by forests, parks, caves, waterfalls.
  • and other tourist places.
  • Döşemealtı real estate prices are considered reasonable.
  • compared to real estate in other regions.
  • Its properties are characterized by creative.
  • modern designs, diverse spaces, and clear quality finishes.

Döşemealtı in Antalya


Döşemealtı ARIA

Real estate investment in Döşemealtı district of Antalya:

  • Döşemealtı attracts pioneers, businessmen.
  • and international investors.
  • Those who want to develop their real estate business.
  • through owning and investing in real estate.
  • Döşemealtı real estate varies between residential.
  • commercial and tourist.
  • From apartments, villas, offices, shops, hotels and hotel apartments.
  • Döşemealti real estate offers high investment
  • Resulting from reselling or renting real estate.
  • and collecting rental income.

Golden Group Projects in şemealtı:

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