Prominent Real Estate Projects with Sea Views in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy

Real Estate Projects with Sea Views in Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy is classified as one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Istanbul, known for its luxurious tourist infrastructure and its status as an affluent district within the city.


General Location of Bakırköy in Istanbul

Bakırköy is situated between the northern E-5 highway, the southern coasts of the Marmara Sea, the Avcılar district to the west, and the Zeytunburnu district to the east, with the Küçükçekmece Lake in the northwest.


Advantages of Bakırköy in European Istanbul

  • Bakırköy boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in Istanbul.
  • It has excellent infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, and service centers.
  • Bakırköy is rich in government and private hospitals, along with international medical facilities.
  • There are Turkish, Arabic, and international schools, as well as universities with various specializations.
  • Situated between the Küçükçekmece Lake and the Marmara Sea.
  • Bakırköy features a luxurious coastal promenade with restaurants and cafes.
  • It has an extensive public transportation network, including the metro and metrobus.
  • Major construction companies choose Bakırköy for significant real estate projects.
  • Bakırköy is only 15 minutes away from central Istanbul via the metrobus.
  • The IDO marine bus station connects Bakırköy to other areas of Istanbul, Bursa, and Yalova.


Prominent Real Estate Projects with Sea Views in Bakırköy:

Real estate projects in Bakırköy are known for their luxury, elegance, and harmony with the region’s natural beauty, as well as their modern infrastructure and stunning views of the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece Lake.


Project GGI-248-Pruva 34

  • Referred to as a “Zero to the Sea” project, as it extends directly along the beach.
  • The project features luxury designs, décor, construction quality, and unique finishes.
  • It offers a wide range of investment and residential options, including smart home technology.
  • High-rise buildings in the project provide open sea views and partial views of Küçükçekmece Lake.
  • A wide range of essential services is available to meet residents’ needs.
  • The project spans an area of 62,000 square meters, consisting of seven buildings with 16 to 17 floors, totaling 293 units.
  • The unit configurations range from 1+1 to 2+5, including duplexes.
  • The project offers a wide range of social and recreational services.


Project GGI-250-SEA PEARL:

  • This project comprises residential, commercial towers, and a hotel tower, offering various real estate options.
  • It is located near Bakırköy’s waterfront promenade and Florya, featuring major restaurants and cafes with stunning sea views.
  • Project GGI-250 offers a variety of spaces, services, security, and entertainment options.
  • The project covers a total area of 127,600 square meters, consisting of eight towers, each with 21 floors and a total of 1,400 residential units.
  • It also includes a 700-room hotel and 17 commercial shops.
  • The project boasts luxurious facades and creative designs in harmony with the marine environment.
  • Spacious balconies and terraces, along with open sea and Küçükçekmece Lake views.


Project GGI-252-Nivak:

  • The project is in close proximity to Marmaray Station in Istanbul.
  • GGI-252 offers exceptional family residential options suitable for small, medium, and large families.
  • The apartments feature spacious areas, high ceilings, large living rooms, luxurious kitchens, and exquisite bathrooms.
  • The project provides a range of social, security, and entertainment services.
  • It covers a total area of 20,500 square meters, consisting of 12 buildings with 4 to 5 floors, offering 96 residential units in various layouts from 1+2 to 1+4.
  • It offers expansive balconies and partial sea views along with city views.


What Motivates Real Estate Ownership and Investment in Bakırköy?

  • Investors and those seeking real estate ownership in Turkey are drawn to Bakırköy for several reasons:
  • Its central location in European Istanbul and the substantial government attention it receives.
  • Its proximity to the Istanbul Canal project, which is expected to increase the investment value of surrounding areas.
  • A wide range of essential services, including hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping malls.
  • Diverse real estate options suitable for residence, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • A variety of apartment types starting from 1+1 and going up to 5+2.
  • The availability of multiple types of apartments in Bakırköy to meet residential and investment goals.
  • Breathtaking views from apartment balconies of the sea and the lake.
  • Increased investment value of Bakırköy properties over the past five years.
  • The opportunity for real estate investment in completed or under-construction properties, either through resale or rental investment.
  • Government facilitations, such as obtaining a residence permit when buying property in Turkey worth at least $200,000.
  • Tax reductions and exemptions under certain conditions, including eligibility for Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth at least $400,000 and holding it for three years.

Real estate projects in Bakırköy represent architectural models that attract investors and those interested in real estate ownership due to their location advantages and the features of the projects, including their spaces and types.

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