The most wanted properties in Trabzon 2024

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Trabzon, located in northern Turkey, boasts a diverse economy, and this diversity has led to increased demand for various types of properties

Residential Apartments in Trabzon:

With a growing interest in the city from both Turkish citizens and foreign residents, there is a rising demand for apartments in Trabzon, especially those within modern residential complexes. These complexes offer security, parking, pools, sports facilities, Turkish baths, saunas, and gardens. These apartments come in various sizes and styles, some with views of the Black Sea, Lake Uzungöl, mountains, green spaces, or the city.

Luxury Villas in Trabzon:

Villas in Trabzon can either be standalone or part of villa complexes with security and various amenities. They come in single-story, duplex, or triplex designs, known for their luxurious features, beautiful designs, high quality, and natural views of the sea, forests, and the city from their balconies and terraces.

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Commercial Properties in Trabzon:

Trabzon’s economic and tourism landscape has led to the availability of commercial properties within upscale malls like Trabzon’s Cevahir Mall and others. Additionally, commercial spaces are found within modern real estate projects to serve project residents. As well as scattered throughout public roads, markets, and streets, featuring large Turkish and international retail brands, including shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Offices in Trabzon:

The number of Turkish and foreign companies established in Trabzon has been increasing in recent years due to its growing investment potential. This has driven the demand for office spaces in Trabzon, whether within commercial or residential projects equipped with commercial sections.

Touristic Properties in Trabzon:

Trabzon is a significant tourist destination, known for its beautiful green nature, historical landmarks, such as mountains, seas, valleys, beaches, plateaus, palaces, mosques, historic churches, and monasteries, notably the historic Sumela Monastery. As a result, there is increased demand for touristic properties, including hotels, hotel apartments, luxury villas, apartments in residential complexes, restaurants, cafes, and resorts.

Agricultural Lands in Trabzon:

Trabzon is known for cultivating various crops due to its moderate climate and fertile soil. This makes agricultural investments in Trabzon, such as tea plantations, highly attractive. There’s a growing demand for agricultural properties, including fertile lands, farms, orchards, and fields.


Buildable Lands in Turkey:

According to Turkey’s general laws, any non-agricultural land is classified as buildable land, suitable for construction. As the number of investors flocking to Trabzon continues to rise, there is increased demand for this type of property. Turkish construction companies seek these lands for residential and commercial real estate projects. Following approval from the municipality based on soil suitability studies.

Trabzon is one of the major Turkish cities experiencing significant real estate activity. Attracting investors from both the east and the west who aim to benefit from its diverse investment opportunities. Characterized by modern designs, high construction quality, varied services, and breathtaking views.

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