real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul.. Reasons to own and invest


real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul

Location of Bagcilar district in Istanbul:

  • Bagcilar region extends over an area of ​​22 square kilometers.
  • 745,125 people live there, and it is located on the European side of Istanbul.
  • It is considered one of the upscale neighborhoods that combines all housing and investment factors.
  • Such as its proximity to Lake Kucukcekmece in the west and the areas of Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy in the northeast.
  • To the south, it is bordered by Bahceli Evler and Yeni Bosna, and to the east of.
  • it is the Ghazi Osman Pasha area, and its most famous area is Bagcilar Maidan.

real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul

Infrastructure in Bagcilar area:

  • Bagcilar is rich in modern and advanced infrastructure.
  • Hospitals, schools, means of transportation, and malls.

بغجلار إسطنبول

Health in Bagcilar district in Istanbul:

  •  Bagcilar includes several health and medical institutions that allow the treatment of various types of normal.
  • transmitted and infectious diseases.
  • With its emergency departments, clinics, operating rooms and intensive care, among these centers stand out:
  • Medicana Bagcilar Hospital.
  • A Private Hospital.
  • Medi Life Bagcilar Hospital.
  • Belmiri Hospital.
  • Gungoran Hospital
  • Istanbul Surgery Hospital
  • Al-Sham Clinics, Bagcilar branch
  • Ozel Isik Medical Center
  • Medipolitan Hospital

real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul

Education in the Bagcilar district of Istanbul:

  • Bagcilar advances many educational institutions, including schools at different levels.
  • Turkish, governmental, private, Arab and international universities, including:
  • Altinbas University.
  • Bagcilar Anatolia High School.
  • Dundar Vocational Secondary School
  • Ataturk Preparatory School.
  • Gunesli Primary School.
  • Bagcilar Primary School.
  • Anatolia High School.
  • Al Safir International Schools.
  • Al-Fayez International Schools.
  • Syrian Canadian School.
  • Arab International School.
  • Libyan Model School.
  • Al-Yasmine International School.


Transportation in the Bagcilar area of ​​Istanbul:

  • Bagcilar is located on the E-80 international road, in addition to being adjacent to the Basin Express commercial road.
  • Therefore, it embraces several means of transportation, including the metro.
  • Which connects Istanbul underground and facilitates movement between its parts in a short time.·
  • In addition to all types of large and small buses and taxis.·
  • among the most important transportation stations in Bagcilar we mention:
  • Mahmoud Bey Metro Station
  • Bagcilar Tram
  • Ociozlu Metro Station
  • Karazli Bagcilar Metro Station.


Shopping and entertainment in the Bagcilar district of Istanbul:

  • The area is full of entertainment, as it includes 133 parks in addition to several commercial centers such as:
  • 212 Outlet Mall.
  • Oasis Shopping Avenue
  • War Museum.
  • Yildiz Tepe Park
  • Bagcilar Park
  • Ayar Khalil Sports Stadium.
  • Astosh Market The largest wholesale trader in Istanbul.

real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul


منطقة بغجلار

Real estate investment in the Bagcilar area of ​​Istanbul:

  • Turkish real estate attracts many people wishing to invest in real estate in Türkiye.
  • Due to the many investment opportunities and factors that provide reasons for success.
  • From Turkey’s geographical location and the strength of its economy, industry and trade.
  • The availability of labor, the touristic nature, the large number of housing requests, and other factors.
  • Bagcilar is one of the most prominent real estate areas in Istanbul for several reasons, including:
  • Bagcilar has an exceptional location in the middle of the European side of Istanbul and works to connect.
  • the city centers and its suburbs.
  • The progress witnessed in Bagcilar’s ​​infrastructure and service centers and the high percentage.
  • of foreign investments in it, especially the real estate sector, which facilitates increased demand for.
  • the region and increases its investment value.
  • Bagcilar includes large green areas of 133 wooded gardens and parks.
  • Bagcilar provides a cultural center specializing in displaying 20,000 books, in which many cultural events and festivals are held.
  • The streets of Bagcilar are very organized, which contributed to transforming the area from a random area.
  • into one of the most organized areas in Istanbul as a whole.
  • Bagcilar’s economy constitutes an important point in attracting investors as it operates in textile.
  • food, metallurgy, small and large workshops and includes many commercial centers.
  • Bagcilar includes several Turkish press institutions such as: “Hurriyet, Millet, Meydan, Dunya, Akit, KANAL D, Yeni Asia”.
  • Bagglar is characterized by large portion of its population are foreigners residing in Istanbul.
  • most of whom come from Arab countries.


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