Ispartakule Istanbul.. What is the importance of housing and real estate investment in it?

Spartacoli area

Ispartakule in Istanbul has emerged in recent years among the important real estate areas.

Because of the interest of both the government working to develop it, construction companies to build major projects there, and Turkish and foreign investors to own real estate there.


District Location Ispartakule in Istanbul:

  • Ispartakule district has a location on the European side of Istanbul.
  • It belongs to the municipality of Avcılar and is surrounded by “Bahçeşehir, Başakşehir, Kucukcekmece.
  • E-80 International Road.”
  • Ispartakuli has a unique characteristic that is difficult to find in any other area within Istanbul.
  • There is no old building there, as it is a modern area that was completely built a few years ago.
  • gaining the advantages of location, height, and nature.


Living and Accommodation:

  • When you choose to live in Ispartakule, you should know that you are living in a completely and 100% modern area.
  • All of its buildings are new construction and there are no old buildings or even renovated buildings.
  • The same applies to its streets, which have a prominent urban plan and are wide to and fro, as well as their roads and branches.
  • Ispartakuli residential and commercial complexes are built according to strict building standards.
  • Including the inclusion of earthquake-resistant materials in addition to the quality of the cladding.
  • These projects bear the signature of major construction companies in Türkiye.
  • Which added modern designs to the area and wide spaces between high-rise buildings.
  • Starting from 8 and up to 15 floors (average buildings), with the aim of giving them wide views of the surrounding areas.
  • Including Lake Kucukcekmece and the Istanbul Water Canal project.
  • Spartacoli has a distinctive nature filled with green spaces and a vast plant area.
  • Which contributed to the construction of real estate projects with natural views.
  • In addition to the fact that most projects include gardens, parks, and family gatherings among children’s games.
  • water bodies, trees, and plants, in harmony with the green surroundings.
  • Construction companies included Ispartakuli real estate projects with modern architectural models.
  • and investment and residential styles.
  • It starts from one room and a hall, up to five rooms and two halls, with a wide range of entertainment and social services.
  • From security protection, parking, entrances and exits, swimming pools, sports fields, children’s play areas.
  • gyms, event halls, Turkish baths, saunas and cinema rooms, as well as SMART HOME


Service institutions:

  • Spartacoli and its surroundings include many service institutions such as hospitals, schools.
  • universities and shopping centers, including:
  • Dayoglu Central Medical Hospital
  • Istinye University Hospital
  • Sultan Suleiman Magnificent Hospital
  • Basaksehir Medical City
  • Najdat Samkir School
  • FMV Spartacoli School
  • Cultural and Social Center
  • Fatima Hajigul School
  • Al-Huda International Schools in Basaksehir
  • Ibn Khaldun Private University in Basaksehir
  • Sabahattin Zaim University in Kucukcekmece
  • Mall of Istanbul
  • Akbati Mall
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Aqua Dolphin Water City
  • Bahçeşehir Gulet Park
  • The banks of Kucukcekmece Lake

 اسبارتاكولي إسطنبول

What is the importance of investing Ispartakule in Istanbul?

  • The Ispartakule district in Istanbul gains many points and factors that make it one of the most prominent.
  • real estate investment areas, including:
  • Ispartakule has a distinctive strategic location linking several municipalities in Istanbul.
  • Ispartakule has common borders with the new center of Istanbul (Basaksehir).
  • The Istanbul Water Canal project has given Ispartakule an important investment character and will raise real estate prices there more and more.
  • A completely modern area, 0% of which are old buildings, dominated by modern urban areas.
  • Among the government projects is to deliver the metro network to the Ispartacoli area in the next few years.


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