Şile in istanbul .. most prominent residential and summer vacations


Şile in istanbul

General location:

  • Şile has historically been a center for tourism and summer.
  • vacations for the senior sultans and princes of the Ottoman Empire.
  • This is due to the charm and beauty of its nature, mountains.
  • forests, and its extension over large areas of the sea coast.
  • Şile is located in the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • Extending on the banks of the Black Sea in the north.
  • It is surrounded by forests and green nature on all sides, especially.
  • Beykoz and Aydos forests and the Ağva area east of Istanbul.
  • Şile is 63 km away from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, and 77km.
  • away from Taksim Square in European Istanbul
  • and about 30 thousand people live there.

Şile in istanbul

موقع شيلا

The importance of housing in the region:

  • Housing in Şile has a special character as it is a tourist area par excellence.
  • It is known for its clean sand, pure sea, fresh air, picturesque nature.
  • pleasant and moderate climate, and charming beaches.
  • There is peace and tranquility in Şile, not the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • This will lead to it embracing villas with modern designs.
  • and apartments in modern residential complexes.
  • Which combines the blue of the sea and the green of nature.


The most prominent landmarks and places of Şile in Istanbul:

The area hosts many tourist attractions.

the most important of which are:


Şile Lighthouse:

  • It is a historical lighthouse on the coast of the Black Sea, built in 1859.
  • During the period of the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
  • in the form of a tower of Slopes .
  • With the aim of monitoring and alerting marine ships about.
  • their arrival to land.
  • In addition to protecting the city from any invasion.
  • The lighthouse extends 60 meters above sea level, 110 feet high.
  • and a visibility distance of 20 nautical miles.
  • Today the lighthouse has become a tourist attraction for taking pictures.
  • as the lighthouse has a charming panoramic view of the Black Sea.


Kom Baba plateau and beach:

  • One of the most prominent places for medical tourism in Istanbul.
  • This is based on sand and hot springs, the most famous of.
  • which is the “Weeping Rocks” spring.
  • It was given this name because the water sloping between.
  • the rocks resembles human tears.
  • As for the sandy beach of Kom Baba, it is intended by camping.
  • enthusiasts to spend a night of their lives and enjoy the twinkling of.
  • the stars in the sky above the area.


Sea beaches:

  • Şile’s beaches extend for 60 km on the coast of the Black Sea.
  • It gives visitors, residents and tourists the opportunity to practice.
  • swimming and some water sports such as surfing and boating.


 Serenetepe Park:

  • It rises above a charming hill in Ş
  • giving tourists a moment to see
  • the most beautiful natural scenery.
  • with active and gentle breezes blowing.


Hidden lake:

  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in
  • Şile, it is surrounded by forests and dense green areas, in addition.
  • to a chain of restaurants, which serve delicious meals from Turkish.
  • and Ottoman cuisine.



  • Şile is home to many educational institutions.
  • Which includes all stages, including kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary.
  • It also includes a private university close to the area, called “Işık University”.
  • which was founded in 1996 and uses the English language as part.
  • of its educational curricula.


Shopping and entertainment:

  • The tourist destination of Şile requires the provision of tourist.
  • components, including infrastructure, markets, restaurants, cafes.
  • and hotels, and it features shops selling clothing, accessories.
  • seafood restaurants, and stores selling all supplies and needs.


Şile in istanbul

شيلا إسطنبول

Advantages of investing and owning real estate in Şile, Istanbul:

  • Şile has developed over time and the increasing tourist demand has.
  • increased the importance of the tourism investment sector there.
  • Providing places for travelers to rest and sleep, including hotel.
  • apartments, villas and hotels, whose occupancy reaches 100% in the summer.
  • In addition to winter tourism due to its hot springs, which cause an.
  • influx of tourists throughout the months of the year, among the most.
  • prominent advantages of real estate ownership in Şile are:
  • Obtaining an apartment in a quiet and pure rural environment.
  • Providing separate apartments united by one wall.
  • (more like a residential complex).
  • The spread of villas of different styles, sizes, and views in.
  • Most of Şile’s properties meet the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Şile is not an isolated area, but is surrounded by educational, health.
  • and entertainment institutions and transportation networks.



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