Buying Property in Turkey on Installments for Foreigners

البيع بالتقسيط

As part of the facilitations provided to foreign investors in Turkey.

the Turkish Parliament allowed citizens from 183 foreign countries to own various types of Turkish properties.

including residential apartments, villas, commercial properties such as offices, shops, hotels, and industrial properties, across all Turkish provinces.


Conditions for Buying Property in Turkey on Installments for Foreigners:


  • There are no specific conditions imposed on foreign investors to purchase property in Turkey on instalments.
  • Simply approaching a specialized real estate company in Turkey that offers properties for sale on installments is sufficient.
  • These companies provide varying initial payments and installment periods, ranging from 12 to 48 months and sometimes even longer.


How to Buy Property in Turkey on Installments for Foreigners?


The process of purchasing property in Turkey on installments for foreigners involves the following steps:


  1. The client contacts the Golden Group for Investment in Turkey through provided contact numbers, the official website, or social media pages.
  2. The client specifies their preferences, and the customer service representative is informed of the intention to buy property in Turkey on installments.
  3. The representative sends property offers that align with the client’s requirements, particularly those available for installment payments, after explaining the real estate market laws and conditions in Turkey.
  4. The client and the representative agree on a property tour featuring the best-suited options.
  5. On the day of the tour, the client inspects the chosen property, reviews the purchase contract in both Turkish and English, and may request a translator if needed.
  6. The contract outlines the payment terms (installments), including the initial payment amount, its percentage, installment values, payment day each month, and the number of installment months.
  7. A property valuation report, indicating the property’s actual value, is obtained.
  8. After the sales representative explains the contract terms, the client signs the seller’s copy (the construction company), and the company signs the client’s copy.
  9. The contract is notarized by the Turkish Notary Public.
  10. The buyer transfers the initial payment in Turkish Lira to the seller’s account and then transfers monthly payments according to the agreed-upon schedule.
  11. After completing the last installment, an appointment is scheduled with the Land Registry Directorate for the property’s ownership transfer to the new owner.


شراء عقارات
شراء عقارات

Ensuring Rights of the Seller and Buyer in Installment Sales:


  • The contract acts as the law between the parties.
  • The buyer commits to paying the initial payment and installments at the agreed-upon time. Property
  • wnership cannot be transferred to the buyer’s name until the final installment is paid.
  • Thus, the buyer must retain payment receipts, starting from the initial payment to the last instalment
  • for submission to the Land Registry Directorate during the property ownership transfer process.
  • In return, the construction company, as the seller, is obligated to transfer property ownership from its name to the buyer’s
  • name immediately after the final installment is paid. Failure or delay in transferring property ownership subjects.
  • the company to legal accountability under the purchase contract and the bank receipts provided by the client to the relevant authorities.
  • compelling the construction company to transfer property ownership to the new owner.


Initial Payment for Buying Turkish Properties on Installments and Installment Duration:


  • The initial payment varies based on the construction company’s offers and the construction stage.
  • For instance, when construction has not commenced yet (on the model), the initial payment ranges between 20% and 35%.
  • with installments extending up to 48 months.
  • In advanced construction stages, the initial payment ranges from 35% to 60%, with installments spanning 12 to 24 months.
  • For ready-to-move-in properties, they are generally sold in cash without installments or with a large initial payment.
  • sometimes exceeding 60%, and a small number of installments, usually between 6 to 12 months.
عقارت بالتقسيط
عقارات بالتقسيط

Can Property in Turkey be Purchased on Installments for Turkish Citizenship?


The Turkish citizenship law stipulates that the property’s value should not be less than $400,000.

and the payment should be made either in a single payment or two payments at most, based on bank receipts specifying the payment amount and date.


However, obtaining Turkish citizenship is possible when purchasing property on installments if the initial payment or paid.

installments exceed $400,000 at the time of applying for Turkish citizenship, provided the receipts indicating this are submitted.


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