Factors Determining Real Estate Prices in Turkey

أسعار العقارات

1-Location within Turkey:

Prices vary significantly between major cities and smaller towns or villages.

Cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya have higher property prices due to their attractiveness and higher demand.


2.Location within the City:

In major cities like Istanbul, property prices differ based on areas such as city centers, suburban areas, coastal regions, and outskirts.

City centers generally have higher prices compared to suburbs.

موقع العقار
موقع العقار

3.Quality and Age of Construction

Newer constructions with high quality generally have higher prices, while older buildings might be more affordable.

4.Type of Building:

Properties within modern residential complexes with various amenities usually come with higher price tags compared to standalone buildings with fewer services.


5.Services in the Area:

Access to healthcare, education, transportation, and recreational facilities influences property prices. Proximity to subway stations, hospitals, and schools can increase property values.


6.Quality and Diversity of Services:

The quality and variety of services provided, such as pools, Turkish baths, sports facilities, playgrounds, security, and shopping options, contribute to the property’s value.


7.View from the Property:

Properties with scenic views, whether of the sea, forests, landmarks, or highways, generally command higher prices.

8-Building Height:

Higher floors often offer broader views, and accordingly, properties on these floors tend to be more expensive.


9-Type of Property:

Residential, commercial, industrial, and hotel properties have different price ranges.

Within residential properties, duplexes, triplexes, lofts, and penthouses may have higher prices than regular apartments.

العقار في تركيا
العقار في تركيا

10.Apartment Size, Number of Rooms, and Layout:

Larger apartments with more rooms and well-designed layouts generally have higher prices. The size of rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms also influences property values.


What is the average price of real estate in Turkey?

Determining a single price for real estate in Turkey is challenging due to vast differences and the expansive land stretching across two continents.

However, in Istanbul, property prices start from $100,000 for suburban properties in areas like Esenyurt with a one-bedroom layout in a modern residential complex.

Prices can escalate beyond $20 million for luxurious properties next to the Bosphorus, including villas or mansions.


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