Ownership of Turkish Real Estate by Holders of Palestinian Travel Documents

الفلسطينيون في تركيا

Palestinians are divided between holders of passports, commonly known as “Authority Passports,” and holders of Palestinian travel documents.

What is the possibility for document holders to own properties in Turkey, especially since the primary condition for foreign ownership is the presentation of a valid passport?



Distinguishing Between Palestinians with Passports and Travel Documents:

  • Palestinians residing within the borders of Palestinian territories receive passports issued by the Palestinian Authority through its relevant institutions.
  • Palestinian travel documents, on the other hand, are granted to Palestinians residing in foreign countries, especially Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, by Palestinian representations abroad.


Can Palestinians with Authority Passports Own Turkish Real Estate:

  • In mid-2012, a Turkish parliamentary decision was made to lift restrictions on citizens of 183 countries worldwide.
  • allowing them to own properties in Turkey, including Palestinians. However, the executive procedure stipulated the presentation of a valid passport.
  • This applies to Palestinians within the Palestinian territories holding Authority Passports, and they can now own various types of Turkish real estate in all Turkish provinces and cities.

وثائق السفر الفلسطينية

Can Palestinians with Travel Documents Own Turkish Real Estate:

  • Between 2012 and early 2019, Palestinians holding Palestinian travel documents could not own Turkish real estate due to a lack of required documents, particularly.
  • the absence of a passport. Despite the resemblance of the travel document to a passport, it did not grant them property ownership rights in Turkey.
  • In March 2019, the Turkish Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs issued a directive allowing holders of Palestinian travel documents issued by Egypt.
  • Lebanon, and Jordan to own real estate in Turkey. This placed Palestinians with travel documents on equal footing with Authority.
  • Passport holders in Turkey in terms of rights and responsibilities, within the framework of continuous government support for this great nation.


Eligibility of Palestinians with Passport to Obtain Turkish Citizenship:

  • In 2017, Turkey introduced a Citizenship by Investment law, which included several investment options, one of which was the purchase of real estate worth one million dollars.
  • Subsequent amendments in the following years required the purchase of property in Turkey valued at no less than 400,000 dollars. This decision included Palestinians with valid Authority Passports.


Can Turkish Citizenship Be Obtained by Holders of Travel Documents Through Property Ownership:

  • Between 2017 and 2019, holders of Palestinian travel documents could not obtain Turkish citizenship through property ownership.
  • as they were unable to purchase Turkish properties. However, after the Turkish Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs issued its directive in 2019.
  • eligibility for Turkish citizenship was extended to Palestinians with travel documents through property ownership.
  • This process involves including a translated and notarized copy of the Palestinian travel document in the Turkish citizenship application file.

تملك الفلسطينيين في تركيا

The Turkish government continuously seeks to provide more facilities and amend laws that cater to the interests of foreigners in Turkey.

The decision to allow ownership of Turkish real estate and grant Turkish citizenship to Palestinians with travel documents is one.

of these ongoing measures, in addition to granting property residence permits, offering discounts, and providing tax exemptions under certain conditions.

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