Role of the Turkish Notary in Property Ownership

النوتر التركي

Who is the Turkish Notary?

The Turkish Notary, also known as a “kadi,” is a government institution in Turkey responsible for certifying documents and granting them legal status.

This includes contracts for buying and selling, powers of attorney, documentation of complaints.

and objections, and commitments to sell properties or cars. The Turkish Notary is present in all provinces and cities across Turkey through numerous branches.

helping citizens and residents handle their transactions conveniently.


Functions of the Turkish Notary:

The Turkish Notary’s duties involve authenticating various documents, such as:

  • Passport photos after translation into Turkish.
  • Turkish national ID card photos.
  • Residency certificates issued outside Turkey.
  • Driver’s licenses.
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Educational certificates from outside Turkey.
  • Turkish property rental contracts.
  • Turkish property sale contracts.
  • Turkish car sale contracts.
النوتر في تركيا
النوتر في تركيا

New Notary Law and its Relation to Real Estate in Turkey:


  • The Turkish authorities introduced a new law at the beginning of the current year to enable the transfer of Turkish property ownership through the Notary offices.
  • This aims to alleviate the pressure on the branches of the Turkish Land Registry Directorate. The law came into effect in the second half of the current year, 2023.
  • It allows individuals interested in transferring property ownership to visit the Notary, submit the required documents.
  • (similar to those requested by the Land Registry Directorate), and process the transaction to obtain the real estate title deed (Tapu).
دائرة النوتر
دائرة النوتر

Fees for Real Estate Services at the Notary:


  • The fees for property ownership transfer paid to the Notary office, benefiting the Turkish Land Registry Directorate, are 5%.
  • This represents an increase of 1% compared to the fees paid at the Land Registry Directorate, which is 4%.
  • However, choosing a Notary provides an important convenience, as Notary branches are more widespread than Land Registry branches.
  • Additionally, the Notary does not require a prior appointment, unlike property transfer transactions at the Land Registry, which often demand scheduled appointments due to high demand.

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