Selling Turkish Real Estate through Installments for Foreigners

البيع بالتقسيط

Does Turkish law allow the sale of real estate through installments to foreigners?


There is no provision in Turkish law that prohibits foreigners from owning Turkish real estate and paying through a down payment and monthly installments.

The absence of a clause preventing this means that it is legally permissible for all foreign nationalities eligible for property ownership in Turkey to purchase through installments.


Who is authorized to sell Turkish real estate through installments to foreigners?

  • Construction companies, acting as sellers, typically offer residential project properties with various sales methods, including cash payments or installment plans.
  • Turkish properties are often offered for sale with installments, especially when they are under construction, to attract customers interested in real estate ownership in Turkey.
  • Installments are usually long-term for properties under construction, while ready-to-move properties.
  • if offered with installments, are rare and may span a few months, typically ranging from 6 to 12 months.

عقارت بالتقسيط

What is the down payment for Turkish real estate installments?

  • Each construction company has its own payment system and plans for clients. However, it is generally accepted in Turkey.
  • that the down payment ranges from 30% to 60% of the property value.
  • For example, a company may offer a property for sale with a total price of $200,000, specifying a down payment of 35%, which would be $70,000.


What is the duration of monthly installments for Turkish real estate?

  • As mentioned earlier, the installment period depends on the type of property (ready or under construction).
  • the remaining construction period, and the company’s policy. In general, the number of installments is usually.
  • divided over a period of 12, 24, 36, or 48 months, varying according to the construction company.


On which day of the month should installments for Turkish real estate be paid?

  • The contract between the seller and the buyer specifies the most suitable day for installment payments after mutual agreement.


How are the down payment and subsequent installments for Turkish real estate paid?

  • Payments are made through a bank transfer to the seller’s bank account, and it is essential to retain monthly receipts in the form of paper documents or electronic PDF files.


How do both the company and the client ensure their rights in installment sales?

  • The contract is the law between the parties. A real estate sales contract in Turkey not only covers details about the apartment.
  • its price, and information about the contracting parties but also details the payment method, down payment amount, and installments precisely and in detail.
  • including due dates and payment methods. For instance, a contract may specify the value of an apartment as $100,000 with a 50% down payment and a 12-month installment period. The immediate payment of $50,000 via a bank transfer is followed by monthly installments of $4,166. In case.
  • the installments are spread over 24 months, each installment would be equivalent to $2,083.
  • Regarding securing rights, the client ensures their rights through the contract and official bank payment receipts.
  • The construction company will not transfer property ownership to the buyer until the final installment is paid.
  • If the company refuses to deliver the property despite full payment, Turkish law compels them to do so.
  • Any delay by the client in paying installments on agreed dates exposes them to legal action and penalties.


Is there flexibility in the values of the down payment and installments?

  • Certainly, construction companies are negotiable on this matter.
  • allowing for a reduction in the down payment or an extension of the installment period based on their internal regulations.

شراء عقارات

What are the conditions for selling Turkish real estate through installments to foreigners?

  • There are no specific conditions imposed on foreign investors for purchasing Turkish real estate through installments.
  • The purpose of the purchase (residence, investment) is unrelated to the payment method.


Can Turkish citizenship be obtained when buying real estate through installments?

  • Turkish law sets the investment value for citizenship eligibility at $400,000 for a property, with the condition that the property cannot be sold for at least three years.
  • Therefore, the property must be sold in cash to meet citizenship requirements. Alternatively, if the down payment exceeds $400,000.
  • payment receipts and title deed documents can be submitted as part of the Turkish citizenship application.

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